The invention of the ethnic culture semantics: formulation of the problem

The article is devoted to the transformations of the semantics of ethnic culture, initiated by actors of social space. Evaluation of cognitive, entertainment, ideological functions. One of the typical ways of such cultural "inventions" is described.

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  • Understanding of the composition: the distinction between creation as a product and as a process, between the aesthetic point of view of the author and observer, between instrumental and end values. Unlike psychology, the psychology of creation to see.

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  • The presence of sober economic calculation, appeal to the heavenly ideal - the main features of the philosophical views of puritans. Socio-cultural background of the idea of religious-Messianic god-chosen protestant congregations of the New England.

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  • The Turing Test is the most disputed topics in artificial intelligence, philosophy of mind and cognitive science. Behaviorism, consciousness and similar topics in philosophy of mind are discussed. Sociological, psychological aspects of the Turing Test.

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  • Ontologism of the classical mind. Hierarchism (Subordinationism) of the classical mind. The transcendence of the foundations of the classic mind. Difference between classical and modern cultural worlds, and in the rationalities characteristic to them.

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  • 1950-s and 1960-s - a great historical change has taken place in, at least, industrial or postindustrial countries. The new era of Postmodernity philosophy is started. Characteristics creativity of the most famous, talented Italian postmodernist writers.

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  • Phelan is offers a systematic attempt to explore the point of convergance between feminist theory and the work of Foucault. Foucault’s idea that the body and sexuality are cultural constructs and its contribution to the feminist critique of essentialism.

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  • The intersubjectivity - a concept invented by Edmund Husserl in "Ideas Pertaining to a Pure Phenomenology and a Phenomenological Philosophy". The origin of sciences according to Descartes. The link between human and world - the problem of philosophy.

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  • Postmodern space: Certeau and Jameson. Method Foucault and panopticism. places, spaces, and the evolution of maps. Panopticism, cartography, and the "Utopian" city. Transversality and anamnesis. Perspective and the panoptic gaze. Transversal discourse.

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  • Views on the processes of aging as the content of gerontology. The history of the philosophical understanding of aging, associated with periods of development of philosophical science. The importance of an integrated approach to the problem of old age.

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  • Anthropological preferences in historical and philosophical work of the English philosopher and mathematician, public figure and logician, Bertrand Russell. Research and evaluation of influence of Spinoza's philosophy on Russell's conceptual formations.

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