Education system of Kazakhstan

The structure of the education system of Kazakhstan. The main objectives of the education system. General secondary education is guaranteed and is compulsory for all citizens. Higher vocational education is provided citizens with secondary education.

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  • The main tasks of vocational education: development and implementation of public secondary vocational education standards, creating conditions for increasing the availability of vocational education. Types of high educational institutions in Kazakhstan.

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  • Brief description of the current state of the education system in Kazakhstan. Global requirement for training and competence of teachers in the higher schools. The rationale for a adaptation of curricula to innovative processes in higher education.

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  • The higher education in United Kingdom. Pre-school, secondary and further education in Great Britain. National curriculum for primary and secondary education. Special educational needs and independent schools. Simplified circuit of education of UK.

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  • The American system of school education. The general pattern of education, the length of the school year. The funding of higher education institutions. The basic principles of the organization of vocational education. The program at the university level.

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  • Improving the quality of education as one of the most acute problems not only for Russia but also for the entire world community. Justification of the necessity and ways of updating the content of education, reviewing the technologies of the education.

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  • The English Educational System. Independent or public schools. Certificate of Secondary Education GCSE. Compulsory free secondary education for pupils up to 16 years. The British high school system. School vacations, the role of sport in British schools.

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  • The various aspects of state regulation of higher education. The approaches and methods of education management are determined, the disadvantages of excessive regulation are identified. The Ministry of Education, quality assurance in higher education.

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  • Analysis of the works of P.A. Kropotkin, theorist of anarchism. Criticism of the traditional system of education and the Marxist ideas of polytechnic education. Creating a system of vocational education, its implementation in the "industrial village".

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  • Study of the problems of organizing the training in the system of higher education in Kazakhstan based on the implementation of the principles of the Bologna Declaration. Determination of learning factors, oriented on the personality of students.

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  • Numerous changes in the system of higher education in Montenegro over the past decade. Law on Higher Education. Basic principles of the Bologna Declaration and the European Commission. Issues and problems requiring further reform of the education system.

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