The first results of experiment on search of double beta processes of disintegration of radioactive cadmium by means of crystal scintillators

The study of double-beta decay processes of cadmium with crystal scintillators in the Gran Sasso National Laboratory of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (Italy). Identify constraints on the half-life, the phenomenon of resonance amplification.

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  • DAMA/LIBRA is running at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory of the I.N.F.N. The data collected confirm the model independent evidence of the presence of Dark Matter (DM) particles in the galactic halo on the basis of the DM annual modulation signature.

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  • Calculation results of mathematical models to determine bearing capacity, adhesion force and friction force of smectic crystal of stearic acid. Van-der-Waal’s interaction between molecules in layer and methyl groups of smectic crystal adjacent layers.

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  • Life and Atoms. When the atom gets excited. Energy of the Photon. Energy Level Diagrams. Emission Line Spectra. Notation & Isotopes. Energy Unit Check. Alpha Decay Applications. Positron emission tomography. Gamma Decay Applications. Fission Bomb.

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  • Quantification of plastic strain by crystal orientation. Crystal orientation distribution and calculation of crystal deformation. Influence of the EBSD system. Relation with plastic strain. Misorientations from central orientation in each grain.

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  • The LHCb experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. Studying of rare phenomena in b- and c- decays in order to precisely constrain the model parameters. Radiation level measurement for the silicon inner tracker operation and beam condition monitoring.

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  • Study of physical-chemical properties of the clusters. The fractal conception of the essence of the a theory of vibrations of crystal lattices and the resulting thermodynamics of solids. Investigation of the optimal heat capacity of nanostructures.

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  • A study of peripheral nuclear collisions at Fermi energies with transport models is presented. It is motivated by experiments devoted to studying of isotopic yields in the reactions 18-O on 9-Be and 181-Ta at E/A = 35 MeV measured at forward angles.

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  • The possibility of the two-step triggering of nuclear isomers by short X-ray laser pulses via an excited intermediate level. The estimations of the decay acceleration are performed for the isomer of 84-Rb in the field of future European X-ray laser.

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  • Averaged level-density shell corrections and shell-structure energies are continuous through all symmetry-breaking (bifurcation) points. Enhancement of the nuclear shell structure near bifurcations in the superdeformed region for the level densities.

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  • Brief biographical details from the life of Marie Curie. The research process the effect of "radioactivity", the discovery of new radioactive elements-radium and palladium. The awarding of the Nobel prize in physics Marie Curie for their work with x-rays.

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