Fusion of deformed nuclei

The study forms the colliding nuclei. Defining the role of quadratic terms in the quadrupole deformations on the fusion cross section around the barrier induced deformed nuclei. The approach for determining the parameters of the nuclear potential.

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  • Analysis experimental data for the excited states in the deformed nucleus 230Th studied in the reaction. Selected of sequences of the states which can be treated as rotational bands. Experimental data are compared with the interacting boson model.

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  • Study of electrical characteristics of organic diodes of metal phthalocyanine. Analysis of the role of the metal Cu, Al, Zn, Mg on electronic parameters. The substantiation of the nonideal behavior of the obtained values of n: 1.85, 2.22 and 4.40.

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  • Induced transitions between a limit cycle and the state of the rest of the van der Pol has a threshold and disappears at rest. The threshold value is directly proportional to the product of the energy of oscillation and the coefficient of friction.

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  • Propose a new approach, based on the evolutionary algorithm, which enables to extract a scattering matrix S. Consideration of the model-independent definition scattering matrix. Study the basic aspects of the independence of the final S-matrix forms.

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  • Analysis of parameters of the impact model measuring the accuracy of orientation using the QUEST and TRIAD method. Analysis of the influence of the parameters of the measuring model on the accuracy of determining the orientation of space vehicles.

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  • Description and study of electrodynamic processes in simple metaldielectric waveguide. Determination of the structure of the electromagnetic field in the waveguide, parameters of the guide system of dispersion equations and parameters of their own waves.

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  • Defining the parameters of the slip at a constant level kinetic friction. Provides an analytical scheme for solving the problem for a system with uncertain coordinates. The amplitude of oscillation of the changes and built a sine wave of the function.

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  • The general problem of dissipation in macroscopic large-amplitude collective motion and its relation to the energy diffusion of the intrinsic degrees of freedom of a nucleus is studied. Different dynamical regimes of the intrinsic nuclear motion.

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  • Rules of International Atomic Energy Agency. Present process model of nuclear facility safety management, its processes and programme for nuclear facility safety upgrading in a context of integral safety directed to existence, development of humans.

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  • Digital signal processing algorithms for nuclear particle spectroscopy. Algorithms for a digital shaping-filter amplifier, for a digital pile-up elimination scheme and for ballistic deficit correction were investigated using a high purity detector.

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