Basic concepts of cognitive linguistics

Cognitive linguistics is an approach to the study of language which is based upon human perception and conceptualization of the world. The main concepts of cognitive linguistics. Literal, figurative language as complex concepts. The notion of "metaphor".

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  • The value of language, consciousness, mentality and culture as an object of modern linguistics. Direction and scope of the study of metaphor, its conceptual components and structure. The essence and the ways to solve the language problems of semantics.

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  • Feature of the chronological presentation of many voices in the field of modern linguistics. A study of the word in the language. The essence of the pragma-semantic approaches and idealized cognitive model. Analysis of conceptual primitives and grammar.

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  • Empirical methods in signed language research. Methodology for multimodality: One way of working with speech and gesture data. Experimental methods for simulation semantics, studying the mental representation of language. Speaking for the wordless.

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  • The applications of linguistics with real world data with the purpose of further understanding language and evaluating theory. The investigation for language use and the ameliorating social problems. The practical solution of the communication issues.

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  • Characteristics of the practical application of language Corpora. The composition and the form of the British National Corpus. The results of investigation of semantically-related words small/little. The peculiarity of the study corpus linguistics.

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  • The concept of imagery like a part of a cognitive linguistics. Verbalization of the microimage by an anthropomorphous metaphor, which entails its semantic differentiation. Metaphorical level of the communicative cooperation in Ukrainian language.

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  • The meaning of the term "cognitive analysis method" in the framework of linguistic research. The nature and the peculiarities of the language. Ontology speech activity on the basis of objectivity and subjectivity of the information received in study.

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  • Modern applied linguistics like an academic discipline that offers various integrative mechanisms of coexistence of different language schools. Language as a change - one of the subject of the generative grammar, areal and contrastive linguistics.

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  • The study of discourses and genres that give a special perspective, affecting other options in relation to various aspects of the political concept. Characterization of the projection of one frame on another, which serves as a cognitive function.

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  • Deals and sharacteristic of the usage of applied linguistics in the process of language studying. Investigated applied linguistics and the process of language teaching. Discussed the relation between applied linguistics and language teaching process.

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