Educational system in Russia and GB

The right to education is stated in the constitution of the Russia Federation. The types of public high schools in the UK, particularly assessment of students' knowledge. Higher education in universities in the UK, receive grants from the Local Education.

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  • Russia is the countries with advanced higher education. A good foundation and favorable political environment in terms of educational cooperation of China and Russia. Strengthening of the scientific research cooperation between colleges and universities.

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  • Types of British state and private schools. Universities and colleges in Great Britain. General pattern of education in the USA. Elementary, high schools and institutions of higher learning. Private and state colleges. Educational system in Ukraine.

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  • Features of preschool and primary education in Russia. The studying of basic and additional subjects in secondary school. Differences of preschool and primary education in Britain and Russia. Comparative analysis of higher education in the UK and Russia.

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  • Description of the educational system in the UK. The typology of schools, their characteristics. National curriculum and educational structure of the country. The analysis of further and higher education. The most famous universities of England.

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  • Education in England: primary, secondary, middle and grammar school, further and higher education. Educational structure. The national curriculum. Applying for universities. The National Curriculum. Independent or public schools in the private sector.

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  • Kazakhstan’s institutions of higher education. Future areas for improvement in Kazakhstan's higher education system. Public Funding of Education (University education). Analysis of the characteristics of the higher education system of foreign countries.

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  • Features of the education system of the United States of America (USA). Types of schools in the model of education in the United States, characteristics of the studied subjects. The specificity of the stages of education in colleges and universities.

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  • The main tasks of vocational education: development and implementation of public secondary vocational education standards, creating conditions for increasing the availability of vocational education. Types of high educational institutions in Kazakhstan.

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  • The history, current situation and characteristics of higher education cooperation between China and Russia. The main problems concerning regulations educational levels student. Language competence, distribution discipline, selections specialty.

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  • The first practical school of agriculture in prerevolutionary Russia. One of the first agricultural higher educational institutions. The system of agricultural education in the USSR. The curricula of agricultural vocational-training technical schools.

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