Effects of cluster polarizations on the radiative capture reactions

The microscopic three-cluster model. Effects of cluster polarization on the capture reactions. The cross section of the reactions at the low-energy range. Correlations between astrophysical S factor of the reactions and ground state of compound nucleus.

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  • The three-body reactions from interaction alpha-particle with energy 67 MeV and tritium were investigated in kinemanically-complete experiment. The excitation energies and energy widths of some unbound levels of nuclei 5Не and 6Li were determined using.

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  • A study of peripheral nuclear collisions at Fermi energies with transport models is presented. It is motivated by experiments devoted to studying of isotopic yields in the reactions 18-O on 9-Be and 181-Ta at E/A = 35 MeV measured at forward angles.

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  • Calculation of the concentration of defects on the doping level for the average cluster in n-Si. It is shown that the concentration of defects for the average cluster is in inverse proportion to the square of the radius of the cluster model Gossick's.

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  • Study of features of production a-particles with nonzero orbital angular momentum in the decay of deformed nuclei in the cluster model using the WKB. Characteristics of a-decay half-lives for set of deformed nuclei with nonzero orbital angular momentum.

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  • The convergence process of the heavy ions in the fusion-fission reactions. Three collective state parameters of the total system: the quadrupole deformations of the target nucleus and the incoming ion and the distance between their centers of mass.

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  • Familiarity of peculiarities of three- and four-cluster nuclei 6He, 6Li И 10Be, 10C. The steps for calculating the distribution of the charge density and form factors of the nuclei, analysis of the asymptotic behavior of the amplitudes of clustering.

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  • Investigation of physical-energy States, reactions and excitation spectra in deformed heavy nuclear systems, magnetic spectrograph. Modeling schemes States actinide nuclei fissility. Calculation of inertia parameters of energy in the examined groups.

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  • The features of direct and dissipative processes in heavy ion collisions in the Fermi energy regime. Isotope and velocity distributions of projectile-like fragments in the reactions 18O(35MeV/A)+9Be(181Ta) at forward angles. The distribution components.

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  • Computer modeling of fluorescence light quenching is performed with no limitations on the optical wave intensities. Searching for such combinations of polarizations of the interacting waves that provide minimal polarization changes for the waves.

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  • Interaction of weakly bound nuclei. The cluster structure of the neutron rich nuclei. The differential cross sections for elastic scattering of deuterons. The continuous energy distribution of protons and the peak of the structure of their spectra.

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