Shocks and aggregate fluctuations

Comparison of identification schemes. Exogeneity of identified technology shocks. Unit root versus stationary hours. Habit formation in consumption, adjustment costs on investment. Bivariate model, stationary hours specification. Log of hours per capita.

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  • The general-equilibrium model with sticky information. An algorithm study the model’s dynamic properties. Variance decompositions show that monetary policy and aggregate demand shocks account for most of the variance of ination, output, and hours.

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  • Estimating aggregate technology, controlling for utilization. Data, estimating technology change. Estimates and summary statistics. Alternative VAR specifications and granger causality. The standard RBC model. The "Cleansing effect of recessions".

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  • Overview of short economic fluctuations. An analysis of three key facts about economic fluctuations. Studying the aggregate demand curve. Determine the reasons why the aggregate demand curve is downward. Estimation of shifts in the demand curve.

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  • Definition small open economy model from the prospective of the households and the firms. Clarification the difference between the preliminary model and open economy model. Illustration the stationary state of the model and dynamic version of the model.

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  • Definition of Collective Investment. Collective investment schemes. Cost reduction through economies of scale by combining pension and profit-sharing funds. The accumulation of savings of small investors. Creation of the first investment fund in Ukraine.

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  • The comparison on the limited terrain of models of economic growth. Positive net investment is the passive result of an optimal allocation decision. Defining the rate of profit. A short-run technology, Cobb-Douglas relation. Classical saving function.

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  • Generalized of the main trends of investment support for innovative activities in Ukraine. Identified of the major problems of implementing an innovative model of economic development. Analyzed of dynamics of the investment attractiveness index.

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  • Technology of the innovation consumer utility formation according to stages of the innovation process to provide successful innovation activities. Levels of innovation consumer utility are identified. They are: formal, purchase and consumption utility.

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  • Distinguish between job order costing and process. Record materials and labor. Adjustment for under, overallocated overhead. Calculate unit costs for a service company. Weighted-average method. Journal entries to record July costs placed into production.

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  • Consideration of the essence analysis model of monetary policy. Familiarization with the econometric Inference. Example solutions of the canonical LRE Model. The essence of the a priori distribution. Features of propagation of shocks; robustness analysis.

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