Еssence of labor migration

Description of one of the dominant types of exchange in the modern society - an exchange by labor resources, which name is labor migration. Analysis of the purpose of moving such as employment on more favorable conditions than in the country of stay.

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  • Characteristic features of the united states economy, which is made up of individual people, business and labor organizations, and social institutions. Examination notion of market economy. Study of nature entrepreneurship, capital, natural resources.

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  • The source of real exchange rate uctuations: deviations from the law of one price for traded goods in the relative prices of nontraded to traded goods across countries or both. The correlation between the real exchange rate and relative consumption.

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  • The concept and general characteristics of the national income, its structure and components. Macroeconomic indicators and criteria for assessing the national income and the factors affecting it. Analysis of labor productivity in a market economy.

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  • Rest, entertainment, leisure and tourism as very important means of health recovery, relaxation and the increase of people’s labor productivity. Analysis specific features of social and economic situation, which concerns tourism in Khabarovskiy krai.

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  • Analysis of the simple optimizing model of nominal price, familiarity with the features. General characteristics a model with random intervals between price changes, examination functions. General characteristics of papers by Campbell and Shiller.

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  • Knowledge economy as the development of economy, which is characterized by information society or knowledge society. Analysis of the main modern trends in the development of terminology and description of the paradigmatic characteristics of knowledge.

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  • Characteristic of international monetary system. Study of the most powerful currencies in history. The history of international monetary system. Definition of currency and foreign exchange. Analysis of international capital markets and financial centers.

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  • Features of formation, distribution and regulation of income of population in economic science. Priorities for socio-economic development strategy of competitiveness of the Republic of Kazakhstan. the reproduction of labor power, and human development.

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  • Тhe short and long-run relationships between Istanbul Stock Exchange Index and some measures of aggregate real activity including GDP, treasury bills rates, exchangerates in economy. The impulse response functions and variance decompositions reveal.

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  • The problem of competitiveness - one of the most important questions in modern conditions of development of society, both national and international levels. Assessment of the organization's activities from providing both the consume, businessman.

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