Fire safety

The link between performance based fire safety design and risk assessment is outlined. Present risk assessment methods in areas outside fire safety engineering as well as some of the more important existing risk assessment studies of building fires.

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  • Guarantee the personal safety of employees at the police use of firearms by the Law "On Militia". Guarantee the personal safety of employees at the police firearms secured in normative-legal acts. Legal procedure as an important element of fire culture.

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  • Study categories of professional risks. Analysis the problem of occupational safety. Investigating the causal relationships of professional risks, the cost of injury risk at work, the model for coordination of professional and social risks criteria.

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  • Essence and types of risk, the concept of occupational risk. Professional risk to human activities. Professional tax risk. Practical recommendations for the use of gas weapons. Gas cans and recommendations for their application. Application of gas gun.

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  • The relevance of measures to ensure public safety, law and order and the safety of the environment. The presence of various kinds of threats to the entire habitat of the population. Efficiency of the offices responsible for the protection of legal order.

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  • Classification of firearms. Legal grounds for the use of firearms by law enforcement. Legal framework for the application of physical restraint, special means and firearms. The main approaches to protect the personal safety of law enforcement personnel.

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  • Analysis of the study of disaster management and their consequences. Classification of deficiencies in the disaster management in the European Union. The formation of a new culture of safety in the world, given the situations leading to social crises.

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  • Assessment of the importance of integrated security systems. An analysis of the causes of injuries demonstrated the potential importance of introducing integrated safety systems and their potential ability to effectively reduce work injury statistics.

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  • The problem of legal protection of tax militia. Types of special measures to ensure safety. Actions tax militiamen and their families in dangerous situations in everyday life. Protection of life, health, honor, dignity of the workers state tax service.

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  • Environmental problem - one of the main constraints on the increase of air transport in the 21-st century. Specific features of the implementation of the state policy in the area of governance, the fight against air pollution, reduce aircraft noise.

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  • The definition of terrorism, its classification and the reasons. Description of terrorist acts that occurred in different countries of the world. Methods to prevent terrorism, the coordination of activities of bodies engaged in averting terrorism.

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