Sampoong department store collapse

Analysis of the causes of the collapse of the Sampoong Department store building, which claimed more than 500 lives. Description of the violations committed during its construction and operation. The characteristic features of destruction structure.

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  • Analysis of the methodology for calculating a multi-storey monolithic frame building for resistance to progressive collapse. Recommendations for identifying the structures to be strengthened, and measures that increase the viability of unique buildings.

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  • Methodical and applied basis of construction activity. Analysis of factors shaping demand and stimulating housing construction, construction of engineering structures. The level of incomes of the population and the conditions of mortgage lending.

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  • Floor of a building or roof as top design of the building. Flat roofs. Forms of attic roofs. Characteristics of a number of roofing materials used in construction. Types of roof bases, absorbing thermal and mechanical deformation of the base of the roof.

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  • Considered of the practical experience in organizing and maintaining an appropriate level of non-destructive testing of building structures. Presented of the features of different testing methods. Determine the concrete strength in monolithic structure.

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  • Description essentially "passive house". The basic construction methods, advanced technology and materials used in the creation of a Passive House. The main advantages of the Passive House. Analysis of the construction of Passive House in Belarus.

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  • Different ways of building walls of buildings. Use the light hollow wall element, sectional view. Construction of multystoried buildings with monolithic ferroconcrete overlappings. Research of parts of walls, which requires relatively low labor input.

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  • Prestressed concrete as a building material, to overcome the inability of concrete to resist significant tensile stresses. Design of prestressed concrete and their characteristics. Operation and application of the principle of prestressed concrete.

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  • The tallest building in the world, built in Dubai. Grand construction on the orders of the Emir of Dubai Mohammed Ibn Rashid. Introduction of innovative technologies. Burj Khalifa as the epitome of the concept of the future "a city within a city".

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  • The features and problems of the construction industry. Its strengths and weakness. Importance of the branch development. Justification of the establishment of an agency to be charged with the sustainable management in the key sector of Iraq's economy.

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  • The Tower of London is a one of the oldest buildings in England and one of the main symbols of Great Britain. History of the construction of the tower. Ravens of the Tower: tradition that says that the monarchy in the UK lives as long as the ravens revel.

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