Blackbody Radiation, Conformal Symmetry, and the Mismatch Between Classical Mechanics and Electromagnetism

The blackbody radiation problem within classical physics is reviewed. Discussion of Fundamental Constants. Analysis Maxwell’s equations. Linear and Nonlinear Oscillator Scatterers. Wien Displacement Law and the Mismatch with the Boltzmann Distribution.

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  • Infinitesimal transformations, Maxwell tensor and electromagnetic forces. The Maxwell field tensor. Integral curves associated with the equations of motion and the end of the Lorentz transformation. Electromagnetic force and geometry of space-time.

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  • A method of the WWER-1000 fuel element cladding durability analysis using the energy creep theory. The value of linear heat. Linear heat rate jump. Analyzing the current Ukrainian energetic status. Circumferential and axial stress. Combined load cycle.

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  • The determination of condensates as one of the problems in a nonperturbative quantum chromodynamics. Glueball - the nonlinear properties of gluons create the possibility of a color-neutral state. The physical significance of effective Lagrangian.

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  • Terms of eikonal distribution expansion in the aperture of a symmetric two-mirror visualization system in powers of a source transverse displacement from one of the foci. Definition terms of the expansion through the mapping function and its derivative.

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  • The concept and characteristics of the electric current. Analysis of linear DC circuits. Applying Kirchhoff's in electrical engineering. The nodal equations for complex amplitudes. Representation of harmonic oscillations with the help of complex numbers.

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  • Development of rotor mechanisms, which make it possible to use solar radiation as efficiently as possible. The design and structure of a solar power plant. Scheme of control and balancing of output power. Selection of the type of photovoltaic cells.

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  • Analysis of the use of a combined solar collector for heat supply of buildings to enhance the efficiency of solar system by increasing the surface area of absorption of solar energy. The study of the intensity of the solar radiation on the collector.

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  • The nonlinearly damped semilinear wave equation and a thermoelastic Mindlin-Timoshenko plate system with nonlinear viscous damping. The upper semi-continuity of the attractor with respect to the parameters related to the coupling terms and the shear.

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  • Description of the mathematical model of the distribution of the forces acting on a long balloon. An analytical scheme for solving the problem of changing the volume over time, constructed a function with the analysis of three aspects of transition.

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  • Aristotle's view of physics. Consideration of Physics by Aristotle. Motion by Aristotle as the total change as the active transformation is possible in reality. Consideration of the key features of the thinking of Aristotle, list of presuppositions.

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