Learning foreign languages

Studying of english language in topics: the history of the english language, higher education in Russia, in Great Britain and in USA. Student’s life at Oxford, Cambridge and in Moscow state university. Exercises and questions for learning topics.

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  • Characteristics of Higher Education in the United Kingdom. The main types of universities in the country. The peculiarity of the interview for the passage of the college. Analysis of Oxford and Cambridge, as the oldest and most prestigious institutions.

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  • The study of second languages, mainly for the purpose of translation. A history of language teaching methodology. Language acquisition is as the referenсе to the natural assimilation of languages, by means of intuition and subconscious learning.

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  • Changing the vocabulary of the English language throughout history, the emergence of new words and lexical forms. Latin and Greek roots as an important source for the formation of English words. The reasons for borrowing words from foreign languages.

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  • General characteristics of the problems of studying foreign languages. Consideration of the English language as a major international. Introduction to the history of translation. The linguistic theory of translation. Translation from English to Russian.

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  • Materials for the speaking test in English language: the texts for reading, translation and paraphrase, topics, cross-cultural texts. Analyzed the topic of family, school, summer vacation, the UK and Russia, the media, computer revolution, global issues.

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  • History of development and feature of English language at different stages - from the Celtic times to language of the Middle Ages and modern English. Riches of literary and folklore language of Englishmen, features of English proverbs and tongue twisters.

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  • Development of a classification of dialogues on political topics and selection of examples of politically marked and unmarked conversations performed by students studying English. Analysis of the inclusion of project assignments in the learning process.

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  • The climate of Britain. The flora of the British Isles is and the fauna. The population of London. Today English is the language of the world. Foreign languages as the main the most efficient means of information exchange of the people of our planet.

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  • To know foreign languages is absolute necessary for every educated person. Reasons why people study English - the language of international air traffic control, and is currently developing its role in international policing, and emergency services.

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  • The trends of student training that correspond to increasing demands for international mobility. Investigating the issue of a foreign language communicative competence development for students studying in non-linguistic higher educational institutions.

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