Semantic structure changes of borrowed English terms in Ukrainian legal terminology

Borrowing words of foreign origin in legal terminology due to Ukraine's participation in the processes of globalization. Analysis of changes in the semantics of English-language terms when they are adapted to the lexical system of the recipient language.

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  • The notion of terminology and terms in modern English language. Characteristic features of professional law terminology. Systematization of law terms in the works by J. Grisham according to Semantic Classes. Classification of Law Terms in the Works.

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  • Etymological survey of the word-stock of a language. Borrowed words, their kinds and peculiarities. Assimilation of borrowed words. International words as loan words. French, Russian and Turkic borrowings in the English language, contemporary literature.

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  • Changing the vocabulary of the English language throughout history, the emergence of new words and lexical forms. Latin and Greek roots as an important source for the formation of English words. The reasons for borrowing words from foreign languages.

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  • The study of the adjectives in the English and Ukrainian languages. Their comparative analysis in the semantic groups. Differences and similarities of structure and meaning of adjectives. Lexical system of education of the words in the language.

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  • Analysis lexical quantifiers that appear in English and German. Form of groups in terms of semantic shifts of quanta in both languages. Classify lexical quantifiers. The introduction of a versatile multi-factor system for examining lexical quantifiers.

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  • Two main sets of words. The elements of one are native, the elements of the other are borrowed. Borrowing is a word taken over from another language and modified in phonemic shape, spelling or meaning according to the standards of the English language.

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  • The study of the science of lexicology. Semantic structure of the language system. The typology of semantic motivation of the text. Consideration of examples of transformations of foreign words. The types of the semantic meaning of units а language.

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  • Translation of English computer texts by means of the Ukrainian language. Analysis of grammatical translation transformations. Analysis of such transformations as substitution, transposition, ellipsis and addition. Features of the grammatical structure.

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  • Survey of certain historical facts about English. The reasons for borrowing the words. Do Borrowed Words Change or Do They Remain The Same. International words and etymological doublets. Translation-loans as special kind of indication borrowing words.

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  • The modern level of the study of customs terminology in Russian linguistics. Substantiation the necessity of accumulation of lexical material in questions of professional sublanguages. Analysis of difficulties in building industry language systems.

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