The influence of the Russian Federation's historical policy on the identity of the modern russian society

Analysis of historical policy of the presidency of V. Putin and D. Medvedev. The impact on the perception of modern Russian past, their national identity and functioning in society. Using the authorities,of the past to achieve political and social goals.

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  • The factors affecting the process of the intergenerational continuity. Exploring various aspects of manifestation of the historical memory in the daily life of the society, its impact on the identity of the generations and on the common social attitudes.

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  • The issues of public institutional trust in modern Russian society based on the results of sociological monitoring. The analysis of the structure and dynamics of trust in the context of current events and processes. The constant dynamic of institution.

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  • Characteristics of participants in state-building and political society formation in Ukraine. Strengthening the role of the bureaucratic vertical management model. Creation of a multiparty system in the country. Functions and features of the modern elite.

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  • Features of the representation of the values of a healthy lifestyle in the videos of social advertising in Russia. Reducing the activity of public publicity in the formation and dissemination of the values of a healthy lifestyle in Russian society.

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  • Impact of corruption on growth and development of the nation in the social, economic and political aspects. Forms of corruption. Corruption in the Ukrainian context. The necessity of getting rid of corruption for the normal functioning of society.

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  • Evaluation of the impact on the consumer essence of advertisements, which are used to exaggerate the theme of patriotism and to consciously strive to activate the national identity of the individual. Directions for the activation of social identity.

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  • Factors of formation of features of the Russian mentality. Its role in the formation of a democratic organization of power; development of a modern market economy. The influence of the institutional factor on the formation of the Russian mentality.

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  • The sociological aspect of the issue related to personal autonomy under the terms and conditions of the modern development of the Ukrainian society. The reasons and social consequences of the risks of the personal autonomy in the modern Ukrainian society.

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  • The influence of the genesis of the information society on the emergence of a new component of a common culture. The development of a culture of communication - perception, formation and transmission of information. Her impact on public relations.

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  • Familiarization with the remarks of the social uses of the past. Consideration two special problems, which may be mentioned briefly: those of the past as genealogy and as chronology. Characteristic some features of the societies and communities.

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