A brief history of collective practices in the visual arts of Transcarpathia

Main trends of Transcarpathian art and their influence on the evolution of the phenomenon which nowadays has the name of "collective practices". Instruments the post-modern practices. The integration of the Transcarpathian art into Ukrainian art space.

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  • Content, forms and aspects of the relationship between theories on understanding the essence of contemporary cultural practices with practical cultural studies. Systematization of theories on the interaction of cultural theories and cultural practices.

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  • The study of the modern process of cultural and artistic integration, which is embodied at different levels of the existence of art. Description of the concept of musical art under the influence of the visual arts in the context of modern cultural space.

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  • The problem of interaction, inter-influence of culture and economy. The main principles of modern economic culture. The peculiarities of economy integration into modern culture of post-industrial information society. The problem of integration processes.

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  • Influence of trends of international cooperation in the field of digital libraries in developing countries. The opportunities of international cooperation for the improvement of libraries, using the integration of network and Internet technologies.

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  • Art as means of philosophical reflection of history, means of cultural evolution. Artists and art directions as instrument of transformation and cultural development of society. The future of art and its variety as a result of history development.

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  • The philosophical limbo about the energies that go into expressions and the strange laws they fold in as they use public language to compose new landscapes, focus on those aspects of cultural practices which allow to trace the range of modal colorings.

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  • Culture as a characteristic feature of a group of people, determined by many aspects. Features of Ukrainian culture. Influence of the era of Ukrainian Cossacks. The tradition of Easter eggs, making pysanka. Traditional Ukrainian dances and games.

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  • Description of creative activity in the screen arts of the brilliant Ukrainian poet N. Vingranovsky. List of feature films and documentaries made By H. Vingranovsky in Ukrainian film studios. Information about the unfinished film projects of the figure.

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  • Features of creative activity of male vocal ensemble "Brevis". Contribution of the collective to the development of vocal art in Ukraine, the specifics of the ensemble's creative activity. The role of domestic groups in the development of vocal art.

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  • Analysis of the Indian cultural heritage. Research religions, family structure and marriage, cuisine and clothing. Introduction to languages and literature, performing and visual arts, greetings, festivals, cinema, sports and Indian martial arts.

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