Determination of atomic abundances of solar-type stars

The results of abundance determinations of the solar-type stars HD 1835 and HD 10700. Minimization parameter as a function of iron abundance and microturbulent velocity in the atmosphere of the Sun. Number of lines in the composed atomic line-lists.

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  • Suggested changes of a line of position can be computed speedily by the Dreisonstok method which can be used without interpolation, and which, after the simple routine is once learned, involves only two rules which are very easy to remember and to apply.

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  • Research for some dominant quasar jets. Assumption that X-ray emission from the nearest to the main nodes produced by inverse compton scattering on the quasar emission. Rating luminosity of quasars and the angle between the jet and the line of sight.

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  • The features of the legal regulation of immigration to Kazakhstan are investigated. The contradictions between the legal order of government actions and the actual results achieved during the implementation of the repatriation program are highlighted.

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  • Air navigator as supplied an instrument that permitted star observations at the night. Using the ordinary marine sextant at night with success. The accurate measurements of night-vision back-lighting intensities. Factors affecting observations, results.

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  • The Pierre Auger Observatory is the largest observatory of high-energy cosmic rays. Are being tested the energy spectrum, mass composition and arrival directions of cosmic rays. New detection techniques, radio and microwave measurement presented here.

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  • The results of CCD photometric study of the intermediate polar FO Aqr based on observations obtained at the Baja Astronomical Observatory and at the Vihorlat Astronomical Observatory. Variability of the spin period of the white dwarf in FO Aqr.

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