Micro-Hip – an advanced technique for minimally invasive total hip arthroplasty for clinical routine

Analysis of several operative techniques for minimally invasive total hip arthroplasty. Research of a technique for the operation procedure, which enables to reach the joint without cutting any muscle. Radiographic evaluation of treatment outcome.

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  • The adoption of rotary nickel-titanium instruments has renewed concerns regarding instrument fracture and its consequences. Clinical and radiographic follow-up. The determination of the prevalence of retained fractured instruments following treatment.

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  • Technique and methods of radiological's examination in dental practice. Comparative analysis the values two techniques for the diagnosis of changes in the periapical regions under clinical conditions. Methods of radiation diagnosis dento-alveolar regions.

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  • How new radiological techniques may improve endodontic diagnosis and treatment planning. Radiographic examinations complementing intraoral radiography. Conducting conventional tomography. Digital image capture and processing in intraoral radiography.

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  • Orthodontic treatment using the braces system of active self-ligation of the direct arc technique, with the use of the anthropometric system at the stage of adjustment. Evaluation of the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment according to the ABO system.

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  • Reliability of research clinical results. Systematic and accidental errors. Revealing of effects of active treatment on comparison with placebo. Ways to eliminate systematic errors. Method of masking of clinical interventions ("blind" study, blinding).

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  • Computed tomography and videothoracology paparoscopy, which in recent years firmly occupied one of the leading places in the examination and treatment of patients with esophageal and gastric cancer. Complications after thoracoscopy in the patients.

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  • A variety of aids to facilitate a diagnostic radiograph. Extraoral technique for a working radiograph of tooth with the rubber dam in place. Extraoral radiography as an efficient technique for achieving diagnostic films in a select population of patient.

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  • The design features of the GT System of Instruments and outlines the technique for their safe, effective use. Importance of measuring the apical diameter after initial shape has been completed. Selecting an endodontic treatment system. Hidden curves.

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  • Historical perspectives and wound healing studies. Rationales for an interappointment dressing with hydroxide. Clinical outcome studies. Painful symptoms after single-appointment pulpectomy. Variables affecting outcome of treatment in clinical trials.

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  • Investigation of the factors that may affect the outcome of treatment. Choice of filling material. Expected results of treatment with different treatment regimens and survival. The concept of "patient autonomy." Clinical procedures in apical surgery.

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