Ecological properties of aviation fuels and biofuels fuels sustainability

Biofuels — the product of blending absolutized ethanol, gasoline and special anti-corrosion additive. Characterization of specific features of influence of groups of chemical fuel composition on operational and environmental properties of jet oils.

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  • Familiarity with the current issues of organizational structure management socketname in terms of socio-economic changes in Ukraine. Characteristics of the problems and main stages of development of the state integrated environmental and economic policy.

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  • The article deals with essence and main peculiarities of environmental management system from the synergetic approach view. Authors reveal essence of the environmental management system institutional provision and main approaches regarding its formation.

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  • The pollution of airspace which has increased for many reasons. Increased by quantity of private transport, emission of toxic waste from plants, the state of indifference to the regulation of toxic emissions. The struggle with ecological problems.

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  • The administrative reforms in Ukraine with aim of transformation of regional administration. Concordance methods of strategic environmental assessment with conducted administrative reforms. The main reasons, which determine necessity of implementing SEA.

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  • Assessment of the functional form of The Kuznets environmental curve for air pollutants in Ukraine. Assessment of the functional form of The Kuznets environmental curve for air pollutants in Ukraine. Improving the efficiency of placing harmful industries.

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  • Description of the problem of environmental influences on humans. The disappearance from the face of the Earth of entire ecosystems and species, the deterioration of public health. Deterioration in the quality of atmospheric air, surface and groundwater.

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  • Analysis of the possibility of using plants in the information apparatus of the functioning of the city. Optimization of the system of analytical measures in the solution of ecological programs. Forecasting the planning of new urban development areas.

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  • Ecological culture of the Ukrainian ethnos. The ecologically-centered tendency of Ukrainian literary studies. Memoirs, devoted to the accident in Chornobyl. Endeavor to cover in a works all the tragedy of the Chornobyl catastrophe to the full extent.

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  • The characteristic of technogenic type of economic development. The structure of functioning of the eсоlogo-economic system. The hierarchical principle of management. Hierarchical levels of ecological systems and standard-legal base of their activity.

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  • Dynamic development of the market for the disposal of wastewater utilization and management, forced tightened legal requirements of environmental protection and energy efficiency, causes the necessity to use computer tools for their implementation.

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