Ecological properties of aviation fuels and biofuels fuels sustainability

Biofuels the product of blending absolutized ethanol, gasoline and special anti-corrosion additive. Characterization of specific features of influence of groups of chemical fuel composition on operational and environmental properties of jet oils.

  • Developmentofthemarketforthedisposalofwastewaterutilization. The legalrequirements ofenvironmentalprotectionandenergyefficiency.Itisfacilitatedbythedynamicdevelopmentofsuchtools,whichisthecomputer-aided designsoftware.

    , 27.07.2016

  • Analysis of the use of used oils as secondary material resources. The feasibility of recycling of waste oil and rice husk as a binder for a charcoal briquette has been reasoned. The optimal parameters for the process of briquetting is estimated.

    , 25.09.2016

  • urrent hypotheses about the structure of water and the influence of the magnetic field on the change in its structure. Hypotheses about the possibility of using high-frequency electromagnetic fields to increase their influence on the structure of water.

    , 11.07.2018

  • Contamination of atmosphere enterprises. Disappearance of the forests and violation of oxygen balance. Extinction of rare varieties of animals, birds, fishes, drying up of the rivers and lakes. Maintenance of life on a planet for future generations.

    , 31.10.2013

  • The greenhouse effect is real and essential for life on the Earth. Pollution is one of the most burning problems of nowadays. The Earth has enough for every mans need, but not for mans greed. Changes in technology must be baked by slower growth.

    , 22.05.2009

  • Ecological evaluation of effluents from meat enterprises. Setting consumption of large amount of water which is saturated with organic substances and a number of biogenic elements (phosphorus and nitrogen compounds) during its industrial utilization.

    , 24.02.2016

  • The presence of huge automobile and industrial emissions is a one of the factors, which determining air quality in India. Rain as formed due to condensation of the cloud droplets in the upper troposphere and scavenges the atmospheric air pollution.

    , 02.11.2018

  • Plume model to estimate vapor pressure deficits in tree canopies during surface fires. Operational methods for predicting tree mortality from fire injury. Characteristics of fires and resulting plume-model boundary conditions used to predict cavitation.

    , 18.01.2014

  • The concept and characteristics of possible negative effects of acid rain on humans and the environment. Determination of the main natural sources of acid rain. The functioning and the organization of the Environmental Protection Agency, its purpose.

    , 27.05.2017

  • Study of the emerging soils and vegetation of technogenic landscapes of the forest-steppe zone and the zone of coniferous-broad-leaved forests. Dependence the stages of vegetation cover development on their position in the relief, composition of rocks.

    , 25.03.2018

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