Nanostructure formation in superior quality rails

Using transmission electron microscopy methods the layer by layer analysis of the bulk hardened superior quality rails is carried out, phase state and defect substructure gradients are established. Character of changing of structure-phase states.

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  • Methods of the equation of the cutting edge in the absolute coordinate system. A helix - a trace of movement of the cutting tool along the workpiece. Characteristics of the mathematical model of the formation of the microrelief surface when grinding.

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  • Результаты расчетов методом CALculation of PHAse Diagrams в сравнении с экспериментальными данными, полученными методом дифференциального термического анализа. Опытные составы с добавками гафния в исследованном диапазоне легирования и составом без него.

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  • Processes of change of mechanical properties and microtexture of castings from gazars. Effect of monolithic areas formation inside the porous structure. Consideration of monolithic formations inside porous structure of gazar after annealing, x 50.

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  • Study of structure and properties of aluminum alloys treated with nanodispersed modifiers. Consideration of the classical theory of modification of melts. Creation of fine-grained structure of castings. Analysis of existing aluminum alloy modifiers.

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  • New approaches to research and construction microbial producers of antibiotics. Nutrient mediums for biosynthesis. Oil refining, purification and quality control. Screening of libraries of synthetic compounds. Culturing producer strains broad spectrum.

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  • The history of iron and Damascus steels through the eyes of ancient blacksmiths. Observation of color changes during heating and estimating of hardness by scratch tests, to have determined some key parts of the present-day iron-carbon phase diagram.

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  • Structure of engineering systems. A description of the statistical procedures recommended for use in reliability analysis "related" components. The choice of an appropriate probabilistic model for predicting the reliability of components of one's sibling.

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  • The link between scientific discoveries and their subsequent applications to human needs and quality of life. History and main branches of engineering. Social context of engineering in Ukraine. European federation of engineering consultancy associations.

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  • Models which adequately combine technological parameters with indicators of treatment quality have been designed for the cavitation cleaning processes of sewage from organic admixtures. Water of industry and public water use it is considered as sewage.

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  • Creating Levi Strauss jeans in a working quality clothing for farmers. Features tissue, characteristic for trousers. Popularity of jeans among young people. A patent to a production of "workers in overalls strapless with pockets for knife and money".

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