Leaf morphometry of Kuban wild-growing grape liana

Fixing of the current state of the genotypic diversity of lianas and biological polymorphism of leaves to establish the connection of silvestris-silvesatis-sativa. Selling of screening of wild growing of grapes with simultaneous photographing of foliage.

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  • Water as very important element for life on the Earth. The reasons and climate change consequences on a planet. A problem of disappearance of many kinds of wild animals and birds. The requirement of protection of wild animals from disappearance.

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  • Объяснение языковых феноменов лингвокультурологическими методами. Придание смысловой целостности тексту повести Дж. Лондона "The call of the wild" с помощью лексических метафор. Средства передачи текстовых репрезентаций в межкультурной коммуникации.

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  • Study of biological diversity in different climatic conditions. Adaptation of some species to the harsh conditions of the Arctic and tundra. Causes of biodiversity reduction. The disappearance of the ivory tortoise and the Steller's cow from the planet.

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  • Analysis of the problems of legal regulation of piracy. Investigation of the state of robbery in the law of the sea. Finding ways to effectively respond to the growing renaissance of illegal activities at sea. Conducting acts of armed burglary of ships.

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  • Characteristics of the impact of training on the management of personnel diversity on the approaches of managers. The peculiarity of the questioning of directors of Czech corporations. The gender issue is the most popular aspect of civilian diversity.

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  • Big panda is a mammal of family bear with original black-and-white coloring of the wool, possessing some signs of raccoons. Appearance bamboo bear. Taxonomy classification of pandas. The big panda as a symbol of the World fund of the wild nature (WWF).

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  • The main strategies of simultaneous interpretation for post-translation analyze. Strategy of trial and error, expectation strategy, stalling. Methods of translating, adequate translation considering speakers cultural background, personal peculiarities.

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  • Some interesting facts on History of Australia, geographical situation, area, climate, animal world, big cities, industries and the agriculture. The population and political position. Dingo — Australian Wild Dog. The Strange World of Australian Animals.

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  • The peculiarity of the employ of sources of light on light-emitting diodes in hothouses. Testing of the technology of growing plants using lamps with LEDs grounded. Investigate different ways to stimulate the development of vegetable bioobjects.

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  • History and basic stages of formation and development of the United States, their current status and future prospects. Symbols of statehood, national anthem and flag. The geographical location, climate and terrain features. State system, parliament.

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