Development of the tax system in Uzbekistan

Studying tax reforms and their influence on economy of the republic of Uzbekistan. Main features of tax system of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The role of international organizations is crucial in improving the qualifications of the tax authorities.

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  • The monetary unit of the country, which lies at the heart of the financial and credit system of the state. Seven US major currencies. Dollar, euro, Swiss franc, British pound, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar. Keeping international trade.

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  • Definition of money, their origins, role in economy and life. Characteristic the barter relations since their inception. Consideration of monetary theories and the essence and functions of money, the description of money as organizing trade and its need.

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  • The studying of the foreign exchange regulation. The providing of the actual definition of the "currency regulation" concept on the basis of a prudential approach, taking into account the current trends in the development of world economic relations.

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  • The risk assessment method in information uncertainty, its place in the system of credit risk management of banks that lend to enterprises in various sectors of the economy. Determination of the level of riskiness of Bank activity in the lending market.

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  • The modern requirements for ensuring the effective industrial development. The Dynamics of Capital Investments and GDP in Ukraine. The capital expenditure by financing sources in 2012. The largest of budgetary provisions. Conclusions and recommendations.

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  • Analysis of a fixed agricultural tax as the basis of the system of agricultural taxation in Ukraine. Characteristics methods of its accrual. Dynamics of the ratio of incomes and the level of tax efficiency of land tax and fixed agricultural tax.

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  • Key features and analysis of the activities of private enterprise "UBA". Application of methodological approaches to the assessment of the company. A comprehensive description of the financial situation of the company, recommendations for its improvement.

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  • It is shown the main business indicators system of diagnostics of formation and costs of the enterprise in Ukraine. Also found that as a result of violation of tax legislation of Ukraine, the manager of the enterprise can be applied to legal liability.

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  • Features of the development of Kazakhstan's economy in recent years. Monetary policy at the macro level action-oriented activities of the National Bank. Strategic policy directions for the medium term predictability of policies of the National Bank.

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  • Financial statements of the company in the market economy conditions is the main source of information about the assets, capital, profits and cash flows. Introduction of accounting at the enterprise. Assessment of the financial position of the company.

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