Science in the modern world: from value to complexity

The role of science in the development of society and man. Development of information and digital reality, the emergence of new approaches in management theory. Formation of integrated thinking, introduction of scientific knowledge into the culture.

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  • Related to the cardinal changes taking place in modern science and social practice and their significant effects on research issues in the field of theoretical and social philosophy. Analysis of the development of production, culture, education.

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  • The influence of knowledge on the formation of new anthropological images of man from the point of view of scientific achievements. The digital revolution as the expansion of information and digital reality, the transformation of the value system.

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  • Analysis of the Hungarian dissertation of I. Lakatos on the historical sociology of science, his ideas on the philosophy of science. Development of a general sociology of scientific knowledge with Marxist foundations and idea of an "inexhaustible atom".

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  • Scientific representations and elaboration of the terms "internalism-externalism". Possible consequences of referring to the Marxist roots of modern research in science to which V. Lynch puts attention. Marxist legitimization of scientific theory.

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  • Consideration of modern philosophical approaches to the understanding the multidimensionality of human existence in the formation of civil society. Analysis of changes in the reality of daily human life which lead to the emergence of the crisis of man.

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  • Philosophy as a reflection of the objects, which exact knowledge is still hidden from us. Process of development of the questions about knowledge and how they constantly move from the field of philosophy to the area of science. Philosophical education.

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  • Conception of science according to Thomas Kuhn. This paper has been entirely with refuting those arguments by which Kuhn purports to show that scientific method is not a means by which men can approach nearer to knowledge of the truth about the world.

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  • The image of science as a project focused on substantiating the support of fundamental science. Changes in natural sciences in the process of creating "reliable knowledge" at the request of the funder. Forgetting the original epistemic goals of science.

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  • An analysis of the peculiarities of the continuous development of new technologies that make it possible to draw the faces of reality. Human Umwelt as the union of the first nature, which has a physical character. The essence of the concept of "reality".

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  • The most significant concepts in the philosophy of language. A feature of philosophical knowledge of the XX century. Hard determination of scientific apparatus of modern science. Exploring the theory and practice of interpretation by hermeneutics.

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