Determination of homonyms

Homonyms in Russian and English languages, their classification. Synchronous and diachronic approach to the study of homonyms. Comparative typological analysis of linguistic phenomena in English and Russian. The etymological and semantic criteria.

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  • Homonyms as different in meaning but identical in sound and spelling of words, morphemes and other units of language. Diachronic analysis of grammatical homonyms of adjectives and adverbs. The main objectives of the present study, their study problems.

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  • Introduction to the classification of homonyms and their sources. The definition of the concept homophones are words of the same sound but of different spelling and meaning. Characteristic features of the synchronic treatment of english homonyms.

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  • Explaining of aspects of language structure and evolution. Evidence for the relative "adaptiveness" of certain linguistic structures. Analysis of English homonyms and uncovering of a bias against the usage of homonyms from the same grammatical class.

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  • Branches of lexicology. Borrowings in English. Word structure in Modern English. Morphemic analysis and shortening of words. Types of semantic change. Classification of homonyms. Dialects of English. Neologisms and occasional words, phraseological units.

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  • The problem of interlingual homonymy for beginners to study language and for translators. Analysis of different types of homonyms. Coincidence and parallel derivation as reasons of emergence of interlingual homonyms. Examples of interlingual homonyms.

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  • Program of comparative lexicology course of English and Ukrainian languages. The study of the theory of word formation, semantic structure of words and phraseology of the English and Ukrainian languages, etymology, the characteristics of vocabulary.

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  • Characteristics and sources of homonyms and homographs. Classification of homonyms. Subgroups of homonyms, simple lexico-grammatical partial homonyms. The contribution of word-building to the growth of homonymy. Shortening as a type of word-building.

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  • Description of the contrastive approach to the study of the usual metonyms in English, Russian and Turkish. The presentation of their semantic classification, which includes five basic, as well as some combined types of metonymic transfer in the text.

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  • Rules for constructing words in English. The elements of the semantic structure. Lexical meaning of word. The main sources of homonyms. Phonetic change and borrowing. Synonyms - words different in sound-form, but identical or similar in meaning.

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  • The review of the neologisms in the modern languages. The analysis of borrowing as an element of the appearance of new words. Consideration of types of neologisms in Russian and English. The characteristic of neologisms in intercultural communication.

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