"Childhood-youthhood" as special psychocultural category and its special mission in culture and arts of the XX century

Purpose of the research is to consider the image of childhood in the national music of XX century within the scope of symbolization of respective sense. The artistic cognition of the world of childhood. Summarizing the ideas about childhood-youth.

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  • Thomas Gainsborough as one of the most delightful, spontaneous and naturally gifted of all English painters and draughtsmen. Childhood and youth of painter. Using by Gainsborough some of his sketches of mountain scenery for the little show box.

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  • A comparative analysis of the Polesie and Russian components in the field of youth communication, characteristic for inhabitants of the Polesie in the mid-twentieth century. Characteristics typical for the girls from old believes’r environment.

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  • The study of the phenomenon of "musical innovations" as part of the national culture and economy on the basis of structuring interviews with composers, musicologists and other experts involved in the national music industry and cultural development.

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  • Analysis of the consistent historical concept of development of bayan historical culture and chamber ensemble. Directions of the evolution of the bayan-instrumental genre, the characteristics of the stages of this process and their artistic attributes.

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  • Analysis of the Indian cultural heritage. Research religions, family structure and marriage, cuisine and clothing. Introduction to languages and literature, performing and visual arts, greetings, festivals, cinema, sports and Indian martial arts.

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  • The studying a history of development the culture of Kazakhstan. Kazakh music and musical instruments. Consideration of national games: kazaksha kures, baiga, kokpar, kyz-kuu and alty bakan. Traditional customs in Kazakhstan. National dishes and meals.

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  • The nature of entertainment in culture as an internally determined mechanism for the world perception and expression of the people, one of the dominants of the national consciousness. National culture as an entertainment module in the global space.

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  • Familiarity with the admission to the history of american music, analysis of the basic steps. Jazz as an American art form, which originated around the beginning of the ХХ century. Peculiarities of the formation of cinematography in the United States.

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  • The origins of music in Britain, folk songs and dance music. The emergence and spread of British pop culture - popular music, commercially produced in the country in the mid-1950s as a softer alternative to rock'n'roll and, later, commercial rock music.

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  • Jamaica is the third most populous anglophone country in the Americas, after the United States and Canada. Culture of Jamaica. Reggae music and dancing is an integral part of everyday Jamaican life. Recreational activities. National park of Jamaica.

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