Model of changes in transport system operation qualitative states

Evaluation of the technical system and its subsequent use for decision-making to ensure complex technical systems with appropriate quality of work. The characteristics and specificity of the model changes performance States based on the Markov chain.

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  • The problem of fuzzy multicriterial analysis of local energy conversion systems. Construction of training samples for artificial neural networks. Application of multiagent calculating models. Transition from vectorial criterion to a scalar combination.

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  • Іn this paper we present the microcontroller system for the diagnostics and evaluation of the Stirling engine performance. For this purpose the analysis model for the prototype engine has been developed to present the engine’s improved benchmarking result

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  • Characteristics of an automated traffic management system based on the use of neural networks. Description of the mathematical model of the intersection. The strategy of motion control using a neurocontroller, based on the multilayer perceptron.

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  • Approaches to optimization and the development of the model given the parameters and constraints of the subject area to improve the efficiency of product quality. Modules of adaptation and realization of adaptation functions and testing system components.

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  • Estimating the number of conduction modes can, their evaluation. Analysis of the model for the mean free path for backscattering. Calculation of near equilibrium thermoelectric transfer coefficients. Setting the differences in voltage and temperature.

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  • Construction of apparatus to work with 1-local systems of chain complexes, replacing the fundamental groupoid 1(X) of a topological space X by its 1-groupoid 1(X), and vector spaces vect with chain complexes Ch. Local systems of chain complexes.

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  • The base of constructing computer model of the analysis of complex physical-chemical phenomena in the process ORIEN in continuous arc furnace is as the main aggregate of energy-metallurgical complex. A mathematical model of physical-chemical processes.

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  • Transit of natural gas along the territory of Ukraine to the countries of the Western and Central Europe. Main resons of the loss of pipeline efficiency. Necessity for studying of the operation modes of the gas transport system during underloading.

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  • The surfactants have been objects of studies all over the world. Development of approach to surfactants with controllable structure and properties based on the natural raw materials applicable for cosmetics production as dispersed systems stabilizers.

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  • Defining and analysis the essence of robot is an automatic device, which has a manipulator – mechanical analogue of human hand, and manipulator control system. Consideration and characteristic of the structural features model of domestic robot–helper.

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