Beyond the ‘null setting’: the method of cases in the epistemology of testimony

Development of examples in support of philosophical positions, the value of a reference point for a "random stranger". Analysis of the use of examples in the controversy about the substantiation of evidence between reductionists and anti-reductivists.

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  • Analysis 9 civilization branches identifying their cultural features. Substantiation of civilization division according to the cultural principal and characteristic of every civilization branch identifying the main cultural specific point of the socium.

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  • Evaluation of philosophical developments in the field of globalism. The causes of the crisis of meaning in the postmodern era. Identification of points of contact of different philosophical positions. Analysis of the problem of the meaning of being.

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  • Consideration of the modern reception of the "Data Myth" argument proposed by Wilfrid Sellars. Consideration of modern analytical epistemology as an arena of two leading positions in the world. Essence, distinctive features of externalism and internalism.

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  • The translation of the second chapter of O. Brenifier's book "The Art of Philosophical Practice", in which the author considers the meanings of philosophizing from the point of view of his "practical" dimension. Synthesis of philosophical attitudes.

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  • The method of definition and counterexample, conflict with the cardinal principle of the philosophy of ordinary language. Preoccupation with definitions of whole systems` technical terms, tends to divert the attention of philosophers such investigation.

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  • The analysis of trust from a philosophical point of view, taking into account the negative side of experience like a process that allows us to understand its fundamental function. Characteristics of the reasons and spaces that prompt acts of trust.

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  • A sharp distinction between psychological genesis and grounding by Frege. Different interpretation of the term "unprovable". The introduction of Axiom I. Conceptions of self-evidence. Place of the Frege's pragmatism and conceptualism in his epistemology.

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  • Analysis of noogenesis from the point of view of philosophical traditions, which are much richer than the history of scientific knowledge about the psychology of meanings. The essence of being Dasein psyche in the meaning of "the soul of a philosopher."

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  • The Incompleteness of Objective Reality. Personal Identity and Reference. Evolutionary Epistemology. Types of Generality. Pleasure and Pain. Personal Values and Impartiality. The Moral, the Rational and the Supererogatory. Politics and Conversion.

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  • Analysis of the social aspect of the language based on the methodological ideas of O. Rosenstock-Hussy. Analysis of social phenomena. The connection between the processes of thinking, speech, communication. Concept of the name in a philosophical turn.

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