Methods used in stimulating speech development in children

Analysis of several methods that can be used in speech therapy for children to stimulate the development of speech or to improve the situation of children with speech disorders. Identification of the reasons for the failure of traditional speech therapy.

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  • Structurally functional model of the brain of Luria. Anatomical structures that enter the three main blocks of the brain, the functions they control. Methods of action and exercises to stimulate the work of brain structures that make up their composition.

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  • The effect of antihomotoxic therapy in comparison with traditional therapy on some components of saliva in children with gingivitis of moderate severity. Interrelation between clinical and biochemical parameters in children with mild gingivitis.

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  • Differences in the content work and pay on the basis of speech therapists provided Department of Education and the Department of Health. The tasks and obligations of speech therapists, as well as their work conditions in Great Britain and France.

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  • Studying the most common manifestation of infection due to nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) in children is cervical lymphadenitis in an otherwise healthy patient. Initial surgical excision of involved lymph nodes. The therapy and antibiotic regimens.

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  • The papyrus of Edvin Smith's as the first stomatology documents. Historical stages of children's stomatology. Its place among stomatological disciplines. The basic problems of children's stomatology. A role of scientists in discipline development.

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  • Types of pathological changes in the oral mucosa in children with studied pathology. Dependence between the duration of time of the underlying disease used by the basic therapy, and the pathology of the oral mucosa in children with rheumatic diseases.

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  • A tool for predicting developmental delay and disability in children born prematurely. Analysis of the assessment of the development of premature babies at an early age and prediction of disability. Definition of predictors of disability in children.

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  • Development of methods of rehabilitation of children with scoliosis. Investigation of the degree of cellular reactivity abnormalities. Comparison of hematological parameters and leukocyte indexes of intoxication in boys and girls of the sanatorium school.

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  • Events in brain development. Neuronal proliferation is the process of ontogenesis. Anatomical features of central nervous system in children. The brains, spinal cord in children. Myelination of nerve fibers. The development of conditioned reflex activity.

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  • Treatment of metabolic disorders in children and adults of all ages. Treatment with drugs based on L-carnitine. The sequence of manufacturing operations, which allows creating a quality product. Describing of flowchart of the technological process.

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