Health anthropology: between theoretical observations and magical ritual practices (the case of Romanian witch in the Transcarpatia)

Study of the image of the last Romanian witch in Transcarpathia, on the line of the Ukrainian border of the river Tisza, which was inhabited by Romanians. The magical activity of the Romanian witch from Ukraine in terms of ethnographic research.

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  • The position of indigenous peoples of Ukraine. The problem of determining the constitutional and legal status of indigenous peoples as a guarantee of their rights andanalyze in what ways the rights of indigenous peoples protected in other countries.

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  • Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey. River Thames. The Queen of Great Britain. The Houses of Parliament is The most famous building in the world. Imperial State Crown. Madame Tussauds Waxmuseum. Big Ben is the symbol of London.

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  • The purpose of the work is to research and generalize the role of the transformational processes of ceremonies of the life cycle of the Ukrainians by the studying such a component of clothing as a belt. The determination of its significance for culture.

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  • Reflection of swisdom and national values of the Kyrgyz people in the epic "Manas". The role of ethnographer, folklorist Chokan Valikhanov in the study of the spiritual culture of Kyrgyzstan. Features of the art text, the lexical richness of oral poetics.

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