Modern comcepts of managerial accounting

Information preparation for adoption of operational and expected administrative decisions. The current management of the expenses in order to achieve the planned economic benefits in ordinary activities. Functions and tasks of managerial accounting.

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  • The differences between financial accounting and management accounting. Discussing the positive and negative aspects for each type of account. The importance of doing competent accounting information for making effective financial management decisions.

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  • The formation of a methodological approach to managerial cost accounting. The organization of management accounting at poultry plants, the formation transaction costs and losses, as well as the formation of economic (real) profits of the organization.

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  • Analyze the accounting process technology as an integrated system of information support for decisionmaking within administrative business process. The functional structure of the accounting process technology based on the elementary management functions.

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  • Problems of business in the context of globalization, ways of preserving competitive advantages. Development of an integrated approach to the construction of managerial and financial accounting at national enterprises, a description of its main stages.

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  • Features of developing an integrated approach to the classification of non-current assets in order to display information about them in the accounting system. General characteristics of the classification of non-current assets for accounting purposes.

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  • Generalizes groups of users of accounting information and decisions, which are made by them. Has been presented of the circulation of accounting information in decision-making. Disclosed of levels and arguments of relevance of accounting information.

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  • A identify similarities between the accounting information system and the logistics system of an individual economic entity. The main characteristics and functions of accounting. The definition of the notion and the characteristics of logistics.

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  • Practical study of nature protection activities accounting at the industrial enterprises, determination of their role in the decision-making process. Assessment of the accounting state for nature protection activities in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

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  • The history of the emergence of accounting. Studying the first accounting system (also called household registration) in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome. Analysis of the beginning of the accounting as a mechanism of influence on management of an enterprise.

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  • A study of the mainstreaming of the accounting principles based on the strategic concept of enterprise management, their affinity and specificity relative to accounting principles. Requirements, conditions, construction rules of management accounting.

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