Fuzzy logic control of collective mobile robots for garden maintenance

General technical description of workings mobots as systems with collective information. Description of sensory signals got from every robot. Modern collective robototekhnika is directed on automation of management in area of service of garden grass.

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  • Special supervisory control system responsible for the informative data acquisition about the current enterprise production and its control. The main SCADA. The general structure of SCADA. The Three main structure components modern SCADA-systems.

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  • Defining and analysis the essence of robot is an automatic device, which has a manipulator – mechanical analogue of human hand, and manipulator control system. Consideration and characteristic of the structural features model of domestic robot–helper.

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  • Characteristics of an automated traffic management system based on the use of neural networks. Description of the mathematical model of the intersection. The strategy of motion control using a neurocontroller, based on the multilayer perceptron.

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  • Problems of hardware configuration in systems for stabilization of information and measuring devices operated at vehicles of wide class in difficult conditions of disturbances action. Analysis of modern devices and units used in stabilization systems.

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  • The main stages of the automatic assembly of cylinder connection. The structural elements of the flexible automated production. Prospect for the automation of machine building production. The main types of heat exchange in technological systems.

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  • Integration of the R.I. 01 industrial robot into the working system of the BB-01 flexible line. Operational and design features of the R.I. 01 loading robot. The central spindle of the system. The horizontal frame holding the arm of the loading robot.

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  • Description and analysis of the characteristics of main problems to be solved in design of fixture. Examination and description of the main principles of work with the developed software to automate the modeling process and the design of the led lamp.

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  • Modeling and principle of operation positioner power consumption in the direct mode of automated management. Evaluation of the use of the corrected function decline in electricity consumption in the automated control system of technological process.

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  • Approaches to optimization and the development of the model given the parameters and constraints of the subject area to improve the efficiency of product quality. Modules of adaptation and realization of adaptation functions and testing system components.

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  • Evaluation of the technical system and its subsequent use for decision-making to ensure complex technical systems with appropriate quality of work. The characteristics and specificity of the model changes performance States based on the Markov chain.

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