Learning and memory

An overview of the full range of current knowledge about learning and memory. Capture advances in the ever-changing fields of memory, neuroscience, and cognition. Autobiographical memory, collective memory, dejavu, schizophrenia and memory and more.

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  • Informal subgroup as a collective subject of group activity. Motivation and socio-perceptual processes in forming informal subgroup. Integration and disintegration processes. Contributions of psychodynamic theories to understanding small groups.

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  • Detailed characterization of a wide range of mental disorders, their clinical presentation and symptoms. Approaches to diagnosis of these diseases and their treatments. Experience of leading scientists of our time in this area, his analysis, evaluation.

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  • Problems of psychological rehabilitation of servicemen who participated in combat operations in the ATO zone. Impact of crisis situations on the construction of new goals and strategies for their achievement. Methods of working with women and men.

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  • Conducting of the theoretical and methodological analysis research of the phenomenon of professional well-being, its contemporary and classic models and factors. The main approaches to determining the content and structure of the professional well-being.

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  • Studying the mechanisms of exogenous and endogenous methods of attention. Using the temporary information to adjust the behavior in a constantly changing environment. Analysis of the impact of unforeseen circumstances to predict and improve performance.

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  • A person’s visible behavior as a result of a variety of influencing factors. The promotion of mutually beneficial cooperation in close human relationships - the purpose of interpersonal competencies. The main components of intrapersonal intelligence.

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  • Strategic therapy. The family life cycle. The courtship period: changing the young adults. Marriage and its consequences. Childbirth and dealing with the young. Marriage and family dilemmas. Weaning parents from children and the pain of old age.

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  • The modern social structure and the necessity of the system revision of psychological bases of the latest humanitarian schools towards making practical steps in solving this range of problems. The features and results of carrying out primary trainings.

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  • Factors which are related to members' psychological empowerment of community organizations. Identification the factors that advance work to address collective interests. Influence on the psychological empowerment of the factors of the "resources" group.

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  • Presents a brief overview of the developments in Marxist psychology and its achievement over the past first Marx's century. Characteristic features of activities Vygotsky and content of the dialectical method. Research and analysis of Marx's archives.

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