A Review In Preparation of Electronic Ink for Electrophoretic Displays

Movement of particles in the dielectric fluid toward the electrode of opposite charge. The study of the electrical and optical properties of the electrophoretic display composition of the suspension. Key factors determining the quality of the image.

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  • Dielectric loss, which characterizes the conversion of electrical energy into thermal energy as electrical properties of dielectrics. Loss mechanisms and their contribution to the conductivity of the dielectric materials of ultra-high frequencies.

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  • Impedance and dielectric properties of an Mg-Zn ferrite. Covalence effects and electronic configuration of the valence shells of the ions in ferrites - spinels. Dispersion of Resistivity and Dielectric Constant of Some Semiconductors at Audiofrequencies.

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  • Review the basics of electrical engineering. Characteristics of methods for determining the properties of the electrical systems and fluctuations of the electromagnetic wave. Theoretical information in conjunction with the examples of solving problems.

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  • Study of electrical characteristics of organic diodes of metal phthalocyanine. Analysis of the role of the metal Cu, Al, Zn, Mg on electronic parameters. The substantiation of the nonideal behavior of the obtained values of n: 1.85, 2.22 and 4.40.

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  • Elaboration of an opto-electronic scheme. An innovated opto-electronic system where integrated-optical sensor, photodetectors, microelectronic comparison scheme, analog-to-digital converter are integrated with the aim to achieve a high sensitivity.

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  • General representation of the electromagnetic properties of solids. The effect of temperature and magnetic field on the amount of condensation the object. Comparison of theoretical and experimental data of electrical conductivity of the dielectric.

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  • The measurement and analysis of the quality of electrical energy in electric grids. The characteristics of the main tools for measuring power quality, the requirements on the measurement of power quality. Instruments to measure the indicators of quality.

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  • Preparation and study of a metal-component nanocomposite system with ferromagnetic inclusions. Coefficients of composite layers in free space were calculated as a function of the content of ferromagnetic inclusions and the thickness of the layer.

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  • Rheologycal viscosity analysis as one of the features of initial three-component solutions and dielectric pastes. Determination of conductive layer thickness that changing due to plasticizer dibutyl phthalate content in dielectric paste composition.

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  • Analysis of the top properties fluctuations, rectangular dielectric resonator. Research normal values of the amplitudes fields. Studying the frequency characteristics of the resonator depending on its size. Mode of the rectangular dielectric device.

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