A lexical quantor as a means of rendering knowledge in translation

The problem of transfer of knowledge in translation is considered. Attention is paid to the cognitive aspects of language as an integral part of the translation process. Disclosure of the essential features of the lexical quantifier as a linguistic sign.

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  • Translation of technical literature as a special discipline. Characteristics of lexical and grammatical transformation. The linguistic features of texts. "False friends" of translator. Lexicology and grammar of letter. Transfer of titles in articles.

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  • General characteristics of the problems of studying foreign languages. Consideration of the English language as a major international. Introduction to the history of translation. The linguistic theory of translation. Translation from English to Russian.

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  • The problem of translation of literary text (poetry, satirical work , lyric, dialect literature). Philological analysis of linguistic difficulties in literary translation: lexical transformation, grammatical forms and construction, culture-Specific Items.

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  • Complicated professional translation types – business аnd legal translation. Features of an official style of language, investigates peculiarities of translation of contracts, their functional, structural, semantic, grammatical and syntactic aspects.

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  • Linguistic and cognitive aspects of stylistic device "pun" in linguistic studies. Ways of translation of pun from the source language to the target language. Puns as translation problem (based on the "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll).

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  • Equivalence problems in translation. Translation transformations as a way to achieve the right Equivalence. Grammatical, stylistic and lexical transformations. Practical usage of lexical transformations in the story of Agatha Christie "The Companion".

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  • The concept of translation, its object, objectives and theory. The structure of translation and types of linguistic equivalence of it. Aspects and pragmatics of translating process and the role of the translator. Main types and techniques of translation.

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  • Literary translation as a specific coding-encoding process. Philological analysis of linguistic difficulties in translation of specifically English grammatical forms and constructions. The types of lexical transformations or contextual substitutions.

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  • The ways and kinds of lexical stylistic devices translation from English into Russian language in fiction. The common information about Literary translation. The difficulty of the Literary translation into Russian. The types of lexical stylistic devices.

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  • Newspaper's style. Context and its role in translation. Features of the translation of newspaper articles from Kazakh into English. Difficulties and replace some omissions of lexical and semantic nature. Cliches and some set expressions for translation.

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