Acmeological approach in the English teaching of civil servants

The problem of training a foreign language for civil servants. Analysis and systematization of the main principles of acmelinguistics in the context of teaching the English dialect. Study of the tongue with new socio-economic and political requirements.

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  • The definition of the essence and nature of the category "foreign language competence". Methods of forming and improvement of foreign language competence of civil servants. Forms оf work with students for successful formation of language knowledge.

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  • The methods of teaching for pupils, who study English as second language. The Silent Way as the method of teaching. Communicative Approach for Ukrainian teachers, professors and instructors or combine different methods. Functional Categories of Language.

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  • Necessity to develop citizens’ knowledge of foreign languages. Development of system of study of foreign language in the field of speaking skills. G.V. Rogova "Methods of teaching English" and J.J. Jalolov "English language teaching methodology".

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  • Language learning through music. The studying of the usage of songs as tools for English Language Teaching. The analizing how language learning and music relate to each other. Using songs as audio materials in teaching English as a foreign language.

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  • The peculiarity of the English language as an international in the world. Analysis of the prospects for its study among young people. The main reasons for the popularization of dialect. The use of anglicisms in computer technology and social networks.

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  • The main characteristic of improving lexical skills as an important part of teaching English. Analysis of the concept and purpose of learning vocabulary. The development of a lesson using different types of games in the education of foreign speech.

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  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of using the first language in classroom. Theoretical Arguments against L1 Use. Methodology of teaching of first language students in universities. Teaching English through TPR (Total Physical Response approach).

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  • The nature, objectives and content professional foreign language training in the framework of the competence approach. The concept of "translation" as the goals and means of foreign language teaching of students of higher educational institutions.

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  • The study of typology of a foreign language for the aims of teaching. The task of the teacher is to work out the system of exercises aimed at correcting, eliminating mistakes. Of methods and techniques of teaching particular sounds and their variants.

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  • Features of teaching students the English language using authentic materials. Analysis of the main benefits of authentic materials used in the lesson. Formation and development of students' listening skills, lexical skills and skills of public speaking.

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