Improving the accuracy of prediction of foreign exchange rates on the internet market by means of neural networks

The significance of these results is the possibility of increasing the accuracy of the forecast of exchange rates on the Internet market by using advanced mathematical apparatus, based on the set of factors affecting the fluctuations of exchange rates.

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  • Patterns and factors of strategic profiles of enterprises' innovation. The formation model and calculation of criteria of these strategic profiles to select the best option from a set of alternative states which a company might enter through management.

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  • Methods of identification, evaluation, treatment and monitoring of operational risk have been generalized and systematized. The methodology for decision support system of operational risk management based on Bayesian techniques has been developed.

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  • The likelihood ratio test is a test used to compare the fit of two models, one of which is a special case of the other. The test is based on the likelihood ratio, which expresses how many times more likely the data are under one model than the other.

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  • Building the continuous linear model of international trade based on the theory of probabilistic processes. Analysis of commodity-money flows between the parties to the Treaty under the given rules of the contractual relationship continuously in time.

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  • A method for obtaining nonlinear dependencies of type, which based on the use of the function of linearizing the numerical dependencies of spreadsheets. Approximation for the conversion degree of a chemical reaction as a function of 2-3 parameters.

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  • The most effective model to evaluate the enterprise innovative capacity subject to an uncertainty factor is the model based on the fuzzy sets theory. The model has obvious advantages in comparison with the expert and statistical methods of evaluation.

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  • Presentation of two-step recommendation model based on Contrast Analysis and Matrix Factorization techniques which mutually complement each other. Providing brief overview of different Matrix Factorization approaches. Founding Influence search algorithm.

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  • Approach to the linear model of international trade based on the theory of Markov processes. Continuous model of international trade is built, in which the transition of the system from state to state is described by linear differential equations.

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  • Investigation of the perception of residents’ on willingness to pay for water supply in the study area with the use of regression analysis. The determination of the key factors influencing residents’ willingness to pay for water supply in Nigeria.

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  • In this study problem of short-term forecasting for coal and crude oil production in Ukraine. Autoregressive and optimal filtering algorithm for linear systems based upon autoregressive model of second order were constructed for short term forecasting.

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