Determinants of tax compliance

Model study in the form of a global game, in which tax compliance depends on two groups of variables. The value of the government authorities to ensure compliance with the tax control. The probability of compliance, resulting in a decision model.

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  • The theory of random walks in stock prices actually involves two separate hypotheses: successive price changes are independent, and the price changes conform to some probability distribution. Implications of independence the bachelier-osborne model.

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  • The security and solvency of investors and creditors - the main goal of banking regulation. Analysis of the basic high-priority tasks of government regulation, monitoring in order to provide for stability and reliability of banking system in Ukraine.

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  • The relationship between sovereign ratings and eurobond returns. Return volatility as the dependent variable, control, announcements of rating events, stationarity checks. Panel regression model. Empirical model for the Russian sovereign debt market.

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  • Building the continuous linear model of international trade. Follow-up with given the rules of the contractual relationship continuously in time, commodity-money flows between the participants. Better planning of contractual relations and their control.

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  • The problems of forming a spread of government bonds as an important indicator of the country's financial market vulnerability. Analysis of the impact on it in countries that are new members of the European Union and in Ukraine, their comparison.

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  • The problem with estimating the long range dependence. Motivation for long memory. Long memory VS structural breaks. Markov switching model. Generating the same statistical properties as the long memory model during processing with structural breaks.

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  • A structural general equilibrium model of a small open economy using Bayesian methods. the conduct of monetary policy in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the U.K. Test to investigate the hypothesis whether central banks do respond to exchange rates.

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  • The research intends to utilize a method to provide empirically the impact of financial crises in Lithuania, Austria and Kazakhstan, using dummy variable, non-Linear exponential model, Generalized autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity model.

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  • Stochastic properties of turkish real interest rate, that plays a central role in the decision-making of households, firms and government, has also some important implications on the basic assumptions of a number of financial and macroeconomic models.

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  • SWOT-analysis of venture activity investment environment for industrial facilities. Major features of the conceptual model for industrial company which can be used when targeting investors. A scheme of relationships between investor and venture company.

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