There are notable characteristics, occurrence, applications (compounds, H and K lines), history, compounds, isotopes, nutrition (dietary calcium supplements, prevention of fractures due to osteoporosis, possible cancer prevention, overdose) about calcium.

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  • Combination of methods quantum chemistry. Geometrical and electronic structure of clinoptilolite clusters modified by zinc and calcium. Redistribution of electronic density on the oxygen atoms of clusters during formation of bonds with zinc and calcium.

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  • Characteristics: chemical properties, compounds, spectroscopy, isotopes. History, commercial production. Applications, biological role: maintaining body fluid volume in animals, maintaining electric potential in animal tissues. Dietary uses, precautions.

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  • Magnesium as a chemical element and a silvery-white, light-weight metal. Notable characteristics, applications. As the metal. Incendiary use, in magnesium compounds. History, sources, ores, sea water, electrolysis. Biological role, isotopes, precautions.

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  • Rubidium as a chemical element and a soft, silvery-white metallic element of the alkali metal group. Characteristics, history, occurrence rubidium. Isotopes, uses and applications. Compounds, rubidium chloride. Precautions and biological effects.

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  • Study of influence of amino acids on the hydroxyapatite formation. Study of mineral obtained by transmission electron microscopy and powder X-ray diffraction. Analysis of the phase composition, crystal size and lattice microstrains of calcium phosphate.

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  • The applications of leuco-dyes, of spiro compounds and tetrazolium salts. The transformation of the molecules in thermal and photo-imaging systems. Leuco compounds which are not formed by reduction of the parent dye. The chemistry of the phthalides.

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  • Applications heterocyclic compounds; approaches to synthesis. Familiarization with effective conversion of organic compounds into valuable fluorinated products. The use of fluorinated triazoles for the protection of metals and alloys from corrosion.

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  • Properties, combustion, electron energy levels. Elemental molecular forms. Covalent, organic compounds. Hydrides, protons, acids, isotopes. Discovery and use. Role in quantum theory. Natural occurrence, production: laboratory, industrial, thermochemical.

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  • Heterometal coordination compounds of copper(II), nickel(II), alkaline-earth metals with N-bis(salicylidene)thiosemicarbazide have been synthesized. Using elemental analysis has been shown that the synthesized compounds have semi-conducting properties.

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  • Drugs based on the 1,2,4-triazole have a wide spectrum of biological activities. They are effective cardioprotectors, hepatoprotectors, anti-oxidants. Compounds with strong diuretic activity have been found among the newly synthesized compounds.

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