European integration and the European Union

The development of the idea of a united Europe. The EU's actions for insurance the safety and security. Economic and social solidarity of the member states, promoting the European model of society. Historic steps of creation and expansion of the Union.

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  • Analysis of relations of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, their importance for the European Union and dependence on politics. Problems arising between states, their historical justification, ways and prospects for resolution.

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  • Description possible impact of the economic crisis on the global economy. The specificity of the causes of economic instability in the countries of the European Union, socio-political contradictions in the life of the member countries of the Union.

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  • At present, EU member states have a different level of social and economic development. These are countries advanced in development as well as economically backward. The social and economic development of Ukraine in comparison to other EU member states.

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  • Based on selected papers kindly provided by the European Central Bank. Developments in the Financial Sector in Europe following the Introduction of the Euro. Economic and Monetary Union in Europe - the challenges ahead. Euro and European integration.

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  • The impact of the integration of Poland and the European Union on the conditions for the functioning of Polish agriculture, in particular, financing development and modernization. Assessment of the level of financial support of the European Union.

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  • The role of the Republic of Turkey in ensuring national and regional security. A stereotyped view of Islamic culture as hostile to Christian Europe. Opportunities for Turkey to compete in the future with the traditional "engines" of the European Union.

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  • The coordination of states actions in the sphere of foreign policy. Studying of main prerequisites of the European Union security and defense policy formation. Allocation of features of European Union security and defense policy implementation.

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  • The nature and system rules of development of the European Union. Features of the monetary and banking system of the EU, which is made up of the European Central Bank and the national banks of member-states. Characteristics of the target payment system.

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  • The essence of European economic integration. The consequences of economic integration in trade, the consequences of Market integration of the European Union and its impact on foreign trade. Threats, challenges in the last stage of economic integration.

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  • Small business - part of the economic system, which implements the organization of the formation of new jobs, increasing the level of total income of all segments of the population. Features of state support of private business in the European Union.

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