Chemical element of magnesium

Magnesium as a chemical element and a silvery-white, light-weight metal. Notable characteristics, applications. As the metal. Incendiary use, in magnesium compounds. History, sources, ores, sea water, electrolysis. Biological role, isotopes, precautions.

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  • Characteristics: chemical properties, compounds, spectroscopy, isotopes. History, commercial production. Applications, biological role: maintaining body fluid volume in animals, maintaining electric potential in animal tissues. Dietary uses, precautions.

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  • Platinum as a chemical element, six it naturally occurring isotopes. History of the discovery of this metal. Use as precious metal. Industrial applicability alloys containing platinum in catalytic converters, laboratory equipment, dentistry equipment.

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  • History of the free element. Isotopes, properties: physical, chemical. Potassium cations in the body. Biochemical function, membrane polarization. Filtration, excretion, potassium in the diet and by supplement. Applications: biological, food, industrial.

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  • Consideration of the results of x-ray diffraction of the considered chemical compounds. Structural properties of the films of magnesium oxide. Substantiation of optimum parameters of temperature of synthesis of organic and many inorganic compounds.

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  • Properties, combustion, electron energy levels. Elemental molecular forms. Covalent, organic compounds. Hydrides, protons, acids, isotopes. Discovery and use. Role in quantum theory. Natural occurrence, production: laboratory, industrial, thermochemical.

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  • Change of palladium ions concentration during cementation on the magnesium disk in dimethylformamide solution. Chemical microparticles and agglomerates anorganic chlorine compound. Palladium adhesion to the substrate surface in dimethylformamide.

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  • There are notable characteristics, occurrence, applications (compounds, H and K lines), history, compounds, isotopes, nutrition (dietary calcium supplements, prevention of fractures due to osteoporosis, possible cancer prevention, overdose) about calcium.

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  • This work analyzes ternary phase diagrams of magnesium with two rare-earth metals of different subgroups, conducted in IMET RAS in connection with the development of high-temperature magnesium alloys. A lot number of phase diagrams were discovered.

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  • Chemical properties of sodium. Sodium compounds are important to the chemical, glass, metal, paper, petroleum, soap, and textile industries. History of appearance of sodium. The serum sodium and urine sodium.

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  • The modification action of polyvinylpyrolidone on morphological peculiarities of magnesium hydrosilicate powder has been investigated. The most effective modification method is observed during joint precipitation of the system liquid components and PVP.

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