Editorial response: trains, travel, and the tubercle

Evidence of tubercle transmission during all modes of travel: by air, by land, and by sea. Analises the efficiency of transmission of a given disease vary greatly from one person to another or even vary within an individual from one day to the next.

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  • The occurrence of legionnaires’ disease in passengers of cruise ships. International system of surveillance health authorities. A first documented evidence of the involvement of a water supply system in the transmission of legionella infection on ships.

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  • The experiment on the fresh human temporal bone to evaluate the role of mastoid process pneumatic system in the sound transmission after different type of mastoid surgery. Characteristics of the study of amplitude responses in the comparative aspect.

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  • The outbreak of legionnaires disease in cruise ships. Delay in disease recognition. Sources of outbreak in cruise ships. Centralized national system for reporting radiographically confirmed pneumonia in cruise. High risk for complications of influenza.

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  • The correlation between occupations and possible diseases. Atmospheric pollution control. Sanitation: sources of communicable diseases. Sewage and sewage treatment. Factors involved in the transmission of the infectious entirety. Toxic food infections.

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  • The concept of evidence-based dermatology. The critical appraisal toolbox. Study of common inflammatory skin disease. Squamous cell carcinoma. Primary cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. Male and female androgenetic alopecia. Cutaneous lupus erythematosus.

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  • Steps in practice of evidence-based medicine. Determination problem, search of proof, evaluation of results of interference. Formulation of clinical question, its types, treatment and prevention, diagnostics, prognosis, aetiology, cost efficiency.

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  • The origin and basic concepts of evidence-based medicine. The concept of "Evidence-based medicine": terminology of EBM. Levels of evidence and grades of recommendation. The world experience of development. Hierarchy of evidences of information sources.

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  • Dens evaginatus as an odontogenic anomaly characterized by an enamel covered tubercle. A typical example of a maxillary premolar. Main observed values in the treatment groups. Adoption of the selective enamoplasty-preventive resin restorative method.

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  • Determination of the main causes of Graves' disease. Study of the main symptoms and causes of disease problems of diagnosis of Graves' disease. Use artytyreoyidnoyi medicine, radioactive iodine and surgical methods in the treatment of Graves' disease.

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  • The causes of the increase in the incidence of Crohn's disease in economically developed countrie. Crohn's disease is a chronic immune-mediated granulomatous inflammatory disease of the gastrointestinal tract that can affect all its departments.

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