A brief introduction of quantum cryptography for engineers

The principle of quantum cryptography. Quantum no-cloning theorem. State detection and random number generator. Verify assumptions used in a security proof. Quantum hacking and countermeasures from this. Introduction of cryptography for engineers.

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  • Cryptanalysis of countermeasures proposed for repairing. Security analysis of the gennaro-halevi-rabin signature scheme. Authenticated key exchange secure against dictionary attacks. The modern security aspects of practical quantum cryptography.

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  • Classical and quantum physics and information theory. Von Neumann entropy and relevant measures. Accessible classical and quantum information. Data processing. Real-life applications of information theory. A commercial quantum cryptographic device.

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  • The recent application of the principles of quantum mechanics to cryptography. Now possible to construct cryptographic communication systems which detect unauthorized eavesdropping should it occur, and which give a guarantee of no eavesdropping.

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  • Quantum coherence and information processing. Expectation values and the von Neumann projection. Quantum relative and conditional entropies. Information and the foundations of physics. Application quantum coding, error detection, and correction.

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  • Introduction to cryptography and data security. The study of random numbers and an unbreakable stream cipher. The data encryption standard and alternatives. Practical aspects of public-key cryptography. Principles of message authentication codes.

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  • One of the basic primitives in cryptography and of computer science is a pseudo-random generator. The number of important applications, including the construction of a private provably secure key cryptosystem. The construct a pseudo-random generator.

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  • Error correction and the cascade protocol. Individual attacks in an realistic environment. Dynamic initial block-size. Statistical analysis of QKD networks in real-life environment. Quantum-cryptographic networks from a prototype to the citizen.

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  • Cryptography is the science of using mathematics to encrypt and decrypt data. PGP data compression routines, the random numbers used as session keys, the message digest. Compromised passphrase and private key. Protecting against bogus timestamps.

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  • An Introduction to Cryptography: Simple substitution ciphers, Divisibility and Common Divisors. Discrete Logarithms and Diffie–Hellman. The index calculus and discrete logarithms. Combinatorics, Probability and Information Theory, Digital Signatures.

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  • The origins of cryptography. Transpositions, substitutions and secret keys. The Shannon theory of secrecy. The data encryption standard. Application of des: Unix passwords. Conventional cryptographic primitives and the advanced encryption standard.

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