Habitat preference and feeding ecology of the bengal monitor (Varanus bengalensis) in Natore, Bangladesh

The peculiarity of the preferences of the Bengal lizards to live in microenvironment with dense and dry ground. Characteristics of building nests adjacent to water bodies. The choice of grasshoppers as a diet instead of hunting for other varieties.

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  • Approval of the National Coat of Arms of Canada in 1994. The peculiarity of the maple leaf as a Canadian symbol. Characteristics of the provincial and territorial tartans. The use of large print in all public documents. The main parliament building.

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  • Characteristics of the impact on the coating adhesion strength, hydrophobicity and water absorption of beton. Feature creation corrosion-resistant building materials of new generation to improve the reliability and stability of concrete structures.

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  • Typological analysis of semantic transitions of body names to other terminological groups. The peculiarity of the comparison of the structure of the nests of technical terms in English and Russian. Characteristics of the English identification parallels.

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  • Study of the need for training on corporate social responsibility in Bangladesh. Positive impact of responsible business on the productivity of companies. Characteristics of the motivation of top managers to organize such forms of interactive learning.

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  • Regional and non-regional varieties. Local varieties of English on the British Isles. British and American English. Canadian, Australian and Indian variants. Dialects of English. Features of traditional dialects. Contemporary changes to modern dialects.

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  • Conversion of sea water into fresh water by vacuum distillation. Working principle. Cross-section of the camera of the distiller N1 REX. Installation and basic equipment. Complete information and documentation accompany. Alfalaval Freshwater Generator.

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  • Characteristics and sources of homonyms and homographs. Classification of homonyms. Subgroups of homonyms, simple lexico-grammatical partial homonyms. The contribution of word-building to the growth of homonymy. Shortening as a type of word-building.

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  • Functional stilistics and dialectolodgy. The specific fiatures and dialects. General notions of British dialects. Local varieties on the British isles. Social variation. Territorial varieties of the english pronunciation. Welsh english. Scottish english.

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  • Information on the spacing from the aircraft to the ground station. The peculiarity of the establishment of the position along the airway. The use of distance measuring equipment for aircraft maintenance. The circuit board and transponder pulses.

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  • The essence of the combined method of self-learning self-organizing map. Improving the quality of information processing in conditions of classes that overlap as a result of rational choice setting step training. The peculiarity of use cosine designs.

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