A Brief Review on Electrospun Lignin Nanofibres

Integrating lignin with synthetic plastics - an innovative approach in the development of sustainable polymers. Nanofibers with antimicrobial properties - one of the innovative materials that can be effectively used in the current pandemic situation.

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  • Thermosetting plastics, their irreversible chemical reaction (polymerization), including the effects of temperature and time. Bringing the resin composition to a liquid state, forcing the liquid to flow into the cavity of the desired configuration.

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  • Comparison of thermal insulation properties of Sakhabult products with products of other manufacturers. Manufacturing of a dummy for monitoring the temperature difference inside sleeping bags and outerwear from natural fur of fur animals, deer and horses.

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  • The antibacterial effect of chitooligosaccharides, evaluated against various microorganisms. The oligosaccharides from chitosan and fractionated with ultrafiltration membrane and enzymatic bioreactor. The molecular weight of chitooligosaccharides.

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  • Features of defining the basic principles of the formation of the "unisex" style direction as a design practice in clothing design. Analysis of ways to identify the design and artistic compositional properties of the development of a costume collection.

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  • Investigation of physical and mechanical properties of the cement using of barium-containing clinker and gypsum stone. Effect of additives of barium-containing sulfateferrite clinker gypsum stone. Longer hardening and limits and compressive strength.

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  • Increase in the use of hard, high strength and temperature resistant materials in engineering necessitated the development of machining techniques. Abrasive flow machining as process non-conventional machining processes. Magneto abrasive flow machining.

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  • Analysis of the effect of deposition parameters on the crystal structure, surface morphology and compositional properties of an indium sulfide films. The use of electron microscopy to study the orientation of grains. Investigation of optical absorption.

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  • Processes of change of mechanical properties and microtexture of castings from gazars. Effect of monolithic areas formation inside the porous structure. Consideration of monolithic formations inside porous structure of gazar after annealing, x 50.

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  • Volumes of agricultural production of whole grain rice in Kazakhstan. Development of a technology for improving peeler for processing grain rice shals. Characteristics of polymeric materials used instead of rubber for rollers shelling machine A1-3RD-3.

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  • The analysis of fire-resistant intumescent coatings, which are currently used in Ukraine and abroad, as well as prospects for the development of new intumescent coatings with improved properties, is carried out. Methods of fireproofing metal structures.

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  • Class of application of heat pumps in industry. Review of the carbon dioxide heat pump in the transcritical cycle of operation according to the expander-ejector scheme. Development of methods for selecting control valves for a given heat pump circuit.

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  • Consideration an alternative, in relation to the widely used "differential" one, "integrated" approach to solving the dynamics problems. Determining the natural frequencies of fluctuations case of the free surface liquid in containers of various shapes.

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  • Consideration the influence of scandium on mechanical properties and heat-resistance of magnesium alloy ML10. Macrostructure of ML10 alloy with different scandium content. Sizes of microconstituents of heat-treated alloy with different scandium content.

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  • Study the structure of the coating made of composite material that contains wear-resistant components SiC-Al2O3. The use of a metallic binder based on iron in composite production. The properties of the obtained coatings with the steel counterface.

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  • Polytetrafluoroethylene as one of the promising polymers for tribotechnical purposes. The use of polysulfonamide fiber to increase the wear resistance of polytetrafluoroethylene under conditions of friction without lubrication in reciprocating motion.

    статья, добавлен 11.08.2021

  • Geometry, FE analys, optimization, mechanisms, plastics and MSC/ARIES positioning for design detail. Full function ACIS based modeler, constraints, region operator to sub-divide geometry. Pre release solids shelling, per face (uniform) thickness control.

    презентация, добавлен 21.02.2014

  • Improving the physical and mechanical properties of powder steels. Study of the effect of heat treatment on the structure of powder carbon steels with carbon-containing components. Research of heat treatment processes: hardening, tempering and annealing.

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  • Creep and fatigue in polymer matrix composites. Stages, characteristics and deformation of creep. Mechanisms of creep. General creep equation. Dislocation, nabarro-herring, coble creep. Creep of polymers, of concrete. The molecular weight of the polymer.

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  • Overview of the development of technologies as a basis for economic growth. Development approaches for linking science and policy through the use of production technology to data sources, indicating S&T development and implementation of STI policies.

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  • The technology of polystyrene plastics. The application methods for industrial liquid coatings and finishes. The spraying, brushing, printing, and silk screening. The application methods for powder coatings and finishes. The electrostatic spray outfits.

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  • New approaches to research and construction microbial producers of antibiotics. Nutrient mediums for biosynthesis. Oil refining, purification and quality control. Screening of libraries of synthetic compounds. Culturing producer strains broad spectrum.

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  • Analysis of the development of the basic methods of engineering the contact surfaces of tribological systems. Characteristics of the problems and prospects of development of technologies of creating surfaces of discrete-oriented structure of the system.

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  • One of the largest problems in the sugar and alcohol industry is the presence of unwanted bacteria, which leads to a decrease in alcohol production. Way to control these undesirable bacteria using silver biogenic nanoparticles synthesized from hops

    статья, добавлен 08.04.2022

  • Development and active application of automation methods and tools that ensure the creation of Zois with specified high quality indicators with real restrictions on the use of development resources. Diagram of the "Get Function Listing" use case.

    статья, добавлен 17.03.2022

  • General characteristics of the hydrostatic spindle for ultraprecision double-sided machining. Familiarity with the main features and problems of modern engineering development. Consideration of ways to ensure quality indicators of machining parts.

    статья, добавлен 20.07.2020

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