A comparative study of corporate motivation between companies in China and Belarus on the basis of Gerchikov’s motivation model

Characteristics of the typological model of labor motivation Vladimir Isaakovich Gerchikov. Justification of the choice of this model as a basis for a comparative study of management systems in Belarus and China. Development recommendation for countries.

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  • The approach to determining the labor motivation level of personnel. The major ways of labor motivation methods' enhancement within the human resources management. Senior, middle and lower level managers, specialists and workers of production divisions.

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  • Rewards and employee satisfaction. Rewards and motivation. Equity and participation. Compensation systems: the dilemmas of practice. Management’s influence on attitudes toward money. Pay for performance. Russian management’s approach to motivation.

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  • Development of the two-prism model of performance management on the basis of the performance management model "Performance Prism". The idea of the model that based on adding two more perspectives: the internal and the external environment of enterprise.

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  • Theorizing the framework for organizational development. Theory X and Y controversial styles of management. Work motivation and satisfaction. Six main antecedents of organizational learning. Youth organizations’ practices: empirical research results.

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  • Integration of Ukraine into the global economy. The sustainable development and competitiveness in a highly competitive, economic crisis. The real ways of adapting staff to a market economy. Motivation as an effective personnel management factor.

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  • Consideration of the problem of personnel management as a key element for provision of normal and effective development of an enterprise in the present day economic conditions. Investigation of conditions motivation enhancement mechanism creation.

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  • The results of the research in the field of development of innovative activity of enterprises. The logit-model of the innovation process and its characteristics. Payment of the cost of production of goods and the further development of the logit-model.

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  • Motivation as the activation or energization of goal-orientated behavior. The academic theories about motivation. The contribution of Rensis Likert. Frederick Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory. Vroom’s Valence Expectancy and Reinforcement theory.

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  • Theoretical basis of "green" marketing. Marketing evolution into "green" marketing. Difference between definitions. Cross-cultural comparison. Empirical research on BRIC countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China. Statistics. "Green brands" strategy review.

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  • Investigation of the role of human resources in a global crisis. The study of the main factors affecting the motivation of staff. An analysis of the reason for the lack of employee satisfaction. Creation of an opportunity for training and promotion.

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