E-learning systems

Investigation of cultural aspects of the educational process. Analysis of various types of e-learning systems and compare them with each other. The main characteristics of distance education. Advantages and disadvantages of learning management systems.

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  • The article is devoted to the expediency of using distance learning of physics in the educational process. The article deals with features and types of distance learning. Such concepts as "e-Learning", "mobile learning", "virtual learning" are revealed.

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  • The analysis of the main characteristics and functions of a deployed learning management system at University of Jazan called Jump. A review of the previous system JUSUR. Creating a common platform for electronic (remote) training systems Jizan.

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  • Research prospects of information and communication technologies in the development of distance learning systems. Improving the training of all stakeholders: society, learning, teachers. Realization of individual students' learning trajectories.

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  • The use of any mobile or wireless device for learning on the move. Mobile learning systems. Mobile learning, as a novel educational approach. Canceling the time, place, age, gender, or member of a specific group to participate in learning opportunities.

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  • Implementation distance learning into training the specialists of practical pharmacy, based on the experience of Management and Economics of Pharmacy Department of Institute of Pharmacy. Spread of communication possibilities in the educational process.

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  • The paradox of the growing demand for distance education in the XXI century and the reasons for the decline of level of its teaching. The potential of e-learning in modern education. Pedagogical support of process of training of part-time students.

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  • The use of distance learning, the possibility of preparation of specialists of educational measurement. The organization of the educational process of higher educational institutions. Pedagogical approaches to conducting lectures and laboratory classes.

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  • Consideration and analysis of the establishment of history and trends of distance learning at the level of the National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Auditing and Khmelnytsky National University. The tasks of reforming of education in Ukraine.

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  • One of the innovations in organizing professional education in our country nowadays is introduction of distance learning. The requirements to each component of the exercises for the developing writing skills in English under distance learning conditions.

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  • An analysis of problem of the use of modern technologies is in an educational process. Practice of application of innovative scientific achievements in the process of teaching on the example of the educational systems of Turkey, Italy, Spain and Romania.

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