Economic Accelerator with Memory: Discrete Time Approach

Research of power-memory accelerators within the discrete time approach. The essence of the principle of regulation of fixed capital, proposed by Matthews. Application of equivalence of fractional differential equations and Volterra integral equations.

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  • The purpose of the research was using liquidity-adjusted Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) proposed by Acharya and Pedersen to figure out how does the liquidity effect on asset returns in crisis time is different from the liquidity effect in stable time.

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  • Alferd Marshall. Mikhail Tugan-Baranovsky. Gustav von Schmoller. Comparing the tables of contents. Comparing methodological approach. The subject of economic science. Induction vs deduction. Principle of continuity. Employment of mathematical models.

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  • Generalization of a constant-rate growth model that takes into account the effects of dynamic memory. Use of derived non-integer orders to describe dynamic memory. The changes in the net investment and the effects of the exponential decaying memory.

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  • Economic analysis of time series. A Markov model of trend. Forecasting and present value calculations. Markov Trend in levels, logs. Estimation, filtering, and smoothing. Stochastic specification, filtering. Maximum likelihood estimates for U.S. GNP data.

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  • Research essence of concepts "social sphere" and "social infrastructure". Аnalysis of conditions and processes of investing fixed capital into the social sphere of Ukraine is done. The qualitative criteria of the modernization efficiency are outlined.

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  • Research methods the economic and financial cooperation of industrial enterprises. Criteria for the separation of powers in the framework of Polish financial groups. The mechanism of functioning of subjects created on the basis of the total capital.

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  • The science-based scheme of socio-economic potential diagnostics. Research is focus on disclosing the essence of concepts included in proposed terminological system, on creating particular technologies for socio-economic potential development diagnostics.

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  • Effective government regulation of industry in Ukraine. Problems of social and economic development and use of methods of tax policy. Causal diagram of the innovation economy. Objectives of innovative companies. Capital factor of innovative enterprises.

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  • The characteristic of operational expenses assessment system at railway enterprises. The analysis of legal entity economic state. Operational expenses state reflection through the system of indexes. Quantitative estimation and results in discrete view.

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  • Based on the proposed trialectic approach the author explores the interaction of 3 groups of factors, namely materials and energy, information, and synergy in the development of open stationary systems. This phenomenon for economic systems are analyzed.

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