The main data on a personal computer and about the organization of computing processes

Structure and functions of the computer. General characteristics and capabilities of the operating system Windows XP, its member programs and functional features. Structure and principles of programming in C ++ Builder IDE, evaluation of results.

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  • Сomputer facilities and microprocessor systems, data manipulation. The general principles of programming. The branched and cyclic programs organization using Assembler-86 language. X-bit Motorola microprocessors. Communication networks designing.

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  • Control the computer's resources, the hardware, software as one of the operating systems main tasks. The use of a graphical user interface that eliminates the need to learn complex commands - a feature of the operating systems of the Windows family.

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  • Data flow diagrams as a hierarchy of functional processes related data flows. Familiarity with the main components of a data flow diagram: external entities, systems and subsystems, processes. Analysis of the structure of building hierarchy DFD.

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  • Functioning system BIOS when enabling the computer. Program CMOS Setup. The main sections of the program BIOS Setup. Advanced BIOS, Chipset Features. Power Management Setup. Adjustment computer system parameter. Determination load device operating system.

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  • Familiarity with the basics of computer science and computer security. CompTIA Security + as an international, independent of vendor certification for information security professionals. General characteristics of the functions of the data-link layer.

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  • Application software, the main types of software and operating systems. Ethics and intellectual property rights: when it is possible to copy. Guidelines for creating documents. Characteristics of communication software. Computer terms and their use.

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  • Characteristics of information and communication technologies. History of the creation of a computer system. Classification operating system: DOS, Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS. Databases management systems: the concept, characteristics, architecture.

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  • The nature and characteristics of distributed operating systems. Characteristic and distinctive features of operating systems real-time. Description, application and purpose multiprocessor operating systems, its role and place in computer security.

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  • Basic directions in the design of the interface. The interaction between human and computer. Introduction to user preferences, as to the operation of the computer system. The principles used to create virtual navigation for the operating system.

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  • A General idea on the basis of information contained in cryptographic systems. Feature encryption standard "Rijndael". The principles of encoding data with a public key algorithm RSA. Safety standards models of information flow in computer programs.

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