Halloween in the United States of America

Halloween - a holiday, which is celebrated annually in late October. Consideration common symbols of Halloween: pumpkins, bats and spiders. The culture of celebrating festivals in the United States. Disguises in the children in costumes in the Halloween.

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  • Investigation of the anthropogenesis triad "brain-thinking-language" as a culturological determinant, the habitat of the settlement of the genus Homo. Their links with Olduai culture, that is, the culture of pebbles and/or Abbelevskaya (Shelsk) culture.

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  • National clothing in Great Britain. The 20th century fashion. Scottish national kilt. Traditional clothing of English women. Great British fashion designers. Five most talented fashion designers. The work of fashion designer and vegetable fibres.

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  • Analysis the question of how culture reveals itself in the application of qualitative research methods in intercultural communication. The interpersonal intercultural relation climate. Culture, analysis and interpretation in qualitative research.

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  • The historical significance of J.N. Hummel's heritage. The purpose of the study is to study the assessments and judgments of scientists of the late XIX century, concerning the theoretical and practical aspects of the "Guidance" for playing piano-forte.

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  • The early civilizations in Iranian plateau and their beliefs, customs and culture of that period. The Zoroastrian religions of ancient Iran. Culture and beliefs of the first residents Iranian plateau. The beginning of Mithraism and Zarathushtrism.

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  • Stages of the life of the famous American multiplicator Walt Disney. The creation of television after the war. The organization at Disneyland, a magical Park for entertainment of children and their parents. Characteristics of the main animated heroes.

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  • The study of the history and nature of Western attitudes towards the East, their perception of Orientalism as a powerful European ideological creation. A comparison of their culture, customs and beliefs based on the works of Homer, Disraeli and Kipling.

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  • Specificity of the mechanism of perception and expression in the national culture. The study of the traditions of entertainment events in the world of cultural and information spaces. Ways of realization of creative interests and needs of society.

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  • Consideration of the moments of the collection of African, American, Asian and European art. Characteristic of the garden of sculptures of Charles of Ireland. A study of the history of the Birmingham Art Club. Consideration of temporary exhibitions.

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  • The analysis of the culture of mankind - an indicator that demonstrates the presence of internal artistic parallels between periods. Neuro-Art - the creation of internal images in the human subconscious under the influence of sensory life experience.

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